Gift-Giving Guide

Want to make someone veeeeery happy this holiday season? Let us, help you. Here are the gifts for your lover, friend with benefits, best gal, or other special (or not so special) someone.

For your romantic lover:

Crank up the romance with Sliquid's massage oil. It's PG-rated enough to give as a gift in front of family, smells amazing, and honestly, who doesn't want to get an amazing back (or leg...or chest...or...) massage? ($19.99)


For anyone with a clitoris:

There's a reason the Magic Wand has been around for an eternity. It's because it is pure and utter magic. The newer cordless version can be used anywhere, which is great: you'll want to use it EVERYWHERE. Sure, it's a "back massager" and can be used for "sore muscles", but honestly, you won't even remember which planet you're on once you feel its mind-blowing orgasms. Don't mind the cord? We're also got the original, corded Magic Wand. (Rechargeable, $124.99; Corded, $54.99)


Buying someone their first vibrator? Good on you. The Bam Mini is a great place to start: it's discreet, rechargeable, and small but mighty. Use internally, externally, and joyfully. ($24.99)


For getting off together:

It may look like no vibrator you've ever seen, but really, the Dame Eva is a hand-free gift from the goddesses. Put the main part on the clitoris tuck the labia around the wings (there's a diagram, promise) and it holds in place! Use during penetrative play, foreplay, grocery shopping...literally anywhere. ($135.99)

The future is here. The We-Vibe Sync is a hands-free vibrator that can be controlled by the remote or the app on your phone. This means it can be controlled anywhere in the WORLD. Not cool enough yet? It can also vibrate to music from your phone or turn it on microphone mode and it vibrates to the beats around you. The ultimate, iconic wearable vibrator, it does everything wash your car (and who knows, it might even do that). ($199.99)

Okay, let us break the Fun Factory Sharevibe down for you: the smaller end can be inserted vaginally or anally and the longer end can be used for penetrating...well, anything. Have a vagina but want to penetrate your partner? This'll do it. Have a penis but want to penetrate multiple places at once? Sure thing. Okay, the combinations might not be *endless* but the pleasure will...($129.99)



For anyone looking to get a little kinky:

Want to get tied up but don't know your knots or are afraid of losing the key? Silicone Quickie Cuffs are a toy box staple: they're comfortable, easy to use, and can be thrown in a suitcase without setting off a metal detector.

For anyone looking to get a lot kinky:

The Sportsheets Under-the-Bed Restraint System can keep you or your loved one (or very, very naughty one) tied up for hours. It adjusts to slide underneath a mattress of any size. The restraints can stay hidden under the mattress until you're ready to whip them out and tie 'em up. ($59.99)

For your pals with periods:

The Fun Factory Fun Cup is comfortable, environmentally-friendly, and easy-to-use. Menstrual cups are super rad and comfortable! Also? This kit comes with two different sizes, so you don't have to try to eyeball your BFF's vulva in advance. ($39.99)