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Bootie Ring

Fun Factory

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Bootie Ring
Bootie Ring

Is it a bootie plug? Is it a cock ring? It's both! 

The Bootie Ring combines the erection-boosting power of a silicone cock ring with perineum massage, awesome anal stimulation, and some light prostate play. Modest in size (the plug is the same size as the Bootie Small), the Bootie ring is a comfy option for most folks. The ring stretches to fit comfortably over the penis and testicles.

  • Rock back and forth for a gentle tug from both sides. It's a toy that can do all the things!
  • Material: Silicone (Do not use with silicone lubricant)
  • Plug: 1.09 inches wide at widest point; 2.5 inches insertable length
  • Ring: 1.7 inches unstretched

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