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Get waves of pleasure with this futuristic stroker! The Tenga Crysta delivers intricate texture in a elastomer sleeve. Thick for a targeted, snugger feeling, which can be customized depending on your placement and strength of your grip! 

  • Elastomer sleeve (only use with water based lubes) 
Measurements and Care
  • Total Length: 3.54 inches, stretches to approx. 4.72 inches
  • Diameter: 2.24 inches, internal stretches to approx 1.97 inches
Rinse with warm water and cleaner (like Wicked Cleene) or mild soap after use, allow both sides to air dry completely to prevent mildew from forming. After drying, you have to option to use "renewing powder" (corn starch) on the toy to provide a less tacky feeling.