Welcome to Funishment- a kink, consent, and communication cardgame.

Funishment guides the players through the world of common kinks while encouraging communication and emphasizing consent.  Future expansions will be tailored to even more fun kinks!

The Main Deck and X-Rated Expansion Pack are both included for varying levels of intimacy.

  • Non-gendered language so that Doms, Subs and Switches of all genders are represented in every card.

  • Simple and safe gameplay dynamics allow players to jump in quickly and get to sexy times.

Some additional items are needed for play such as coins, bowls and dice. You will likely want an impact toy as well, but don’t worry, a hand or a belt is fine to start!

Funishment’s easy Consent Card mechanic makes sure that every “Yes!” is truly a “FUCK YES!” from both players, and gives space to talk about why.

Optimal play with 2 players. 35-50 minutes. Ages 18+