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Svakom Hedy


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Who doesn't love a two for one deal?! These double-sided sleeves provide two textured options to slip over the penis and stroke the night (or day) away! Each color has a corresponding unique design, as well as a spiral side. Designed for an estimated 5 time usage- the Hedy is a bit snugger than the Tenga Egg, for firmer stimulation and a more accommodating fit to different bodies.

  • Choose from Blue (dotted lines), Pink (Grid) or White (soft studded)
Materials and Care

Svakom Hedy's are Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), use only with water-based lubricants.

Rinse with warm water and cleaner (like Fleshwash) or mild soap after use, allow both sides to air dry completely to prevent mildew from forming. Dispose after 5 uses. After drying, you have to option to use "renewing powder" (corn starch) on the toy to provide a less tacky feeling.