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15 Best Discreet Sex Toys for Playing in Public

15 Best Discreet Sex Toys for Playing in Public

If you’ve been looking for a fun way to spice up dates with your partner, or you just want to have a sexy little secret in your purse to use whenever you’re in the mood, look no further than these 15 best discreet sex toys to use in public! From wireless panty vibes to classic bullet vibes to comfortable butt plugs that you can wear all day, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite discreet sex toys that are easy to keep hidden. Go out and have some (discreet) fun, loves!

Best Panty Vibrators to Wear in Public

Let’s start this off with one of our favorite kinds of wearable toys: panty vibrators! These vibes slip right into your underwear and are held up by a strong magnet on the other side, delivering delicious clit stimulation without needing to use your hands whatsoever.


VeDo Niki Wireless Panty Vibe | $74.99

The VeDo Niki is a classic panty vibe, ready to rumble at any time & help you have an extra fun night out🔥Wear this hands-free vibe while you’re putting on your makeup for date night with your S.O., at the dinner table at the new restaurant you’re trying, or keep it on all night and let your partner surprise you! Yes, it’s a remote-controlled vibe – so your partner can take full control and keep you on your toes, never knowing when the buzz is coming ;) With 10 vibrating modes, 6 intensity levels, and a waterproof silicone material, this tiny-yet-mighty vibe will deliver all sorts of pleasure no matter where you are.

We-Vibe Moxie Panty Vibe | $139.99

Another one of our favorite panty vibes is the We-Vibe Moxie, a silicone beauty with 10 vibration modes, an extremely strong magnet, and a sleek, slim shape that slides right into your panties🙌 This bad boy can be controlled via remote OR Bluetooth, so all your partner has to do is pull out their phone and you’ll be squirming around in the grocery store. You’d be surprised at how deep & powerful the vibrations are from this small vibe, but don’t worry – it’s super quiet, so the lady in the aisle next to you won’t be able to hear the fun you’re having!

Best Bullet Vibrators to Use in Public

Bullet vibrators are the classic option that most vulva-owners go with when they’re looking for a discreet toy to keep on them, one that’s small enough to stay hidden but powerful enough to fill those cravings that might pop up! Here are some of our favorite bullet vibes, delivering all sorts of yummy sensations ranging from gentle stimulation to surprisingly rumbly vibrations🔥


VeDo Bam Mini Bullet Vibrator | $32.99

If you’re looking for a simple bullet vibrator to carry around in your purse, the VeDo Bam Mini is an adorable option perfect for beginners, with light-to-medium vibrations delivered through a soft silicone body. The 10 vibration modes are gentle but oh so teasing, making it a great choice for anybody who enjoys lighter, pinpointed stimulation rather than deep, rumbly vibes! And did we mention it’s only 3.8” long? Stick that sucker in your pocket if you need to!

Mini Swan Rose Bullet Vibrator | $54.99

We love a good multi-functional vibrator with 10 vibration modes, 10 intensity levels, and 3 buttons to ensure the perfect stimulation – but sometimes you just need a simple, one-button vibe to get you off in a pinch. The 3” Mini Swan Rose is a super cute pink bullet vibrator with a contoured shape, making it easy to grip no matter where you move it. With only one button, you’ll never have to fiddle around to try and find the right level – the incremental speed control makes it easy to find just the right intensity for the moment. 

Sublime Power Bullet Vibrator | $54.99

If you want a bullet vibe to carry around but you enjoy a bit more power than the traditional light stimulation that most bullets deliver, you need the Sublime Power Vibe. It’s just as small as the others, but is SO surprisingly mighty with its pinpointed yet deliciously rumbly vibrations. The 10 modes and the fun, colorful design make it the perfect toy to toss in your work bag in case you need a quickie in the bathroom!

We-Vibe Tango X Bullet Vibrator | $89.99

If you’re down to spend a little more for one of the most powerful bullet vibrators on the market, allow us to introduce the We-Vibe Tango X, a gorgeous bullet vibe with a silicone handle for easy grip + a smooth ABS plastic tip for yummy, pinpointed pleasure. While we love all of the bullet vibes we’ve mentioned so far, this one has a special place in our hearts because of its ultra-deep, rumbly vibrations that really have NO place being so strong in such a small body! With 8 intensities, this sleek, 3.9” vibe delivers all the thigh-clenching, toe-curling stimulation you’d be looking for in a regular-sized vibe.

Le Wand Chrome Baton Mini Vibe | $109.99

And finally, the crème de la crème of bullet vibrators: the Le Wand Chrome Baton Mini, an absolutely stunning, uber-slim vibe that every vulva owner needs, like, NOW. Le Wand builds all of their toys with body-safe materials and intuitive functionalities, with only 3 simple buttons on the Baton Mini to avoid any mid-play confusion. It’s got a USB port for charging and a super discreet, sleek outward appearance – nobody would even know what it was if you pulled it out of your bag! 

Best Wearable Vibrators to Use in Public

Now what if you want to wear your vibrator in public? And we’re not just talking wearing on your panties: literally wearing directly on your vulva and/or inside your vagina ;) Here are the best wearable vibrators to use in public!

Dame Eva Couples Vibrator | $144.99

We’ll start off with one of the most innovative vibes that we’ve ever seen: the Dame Eva. This is a completely hands-free, strap-free, and non-intrusive vibrator that doesn’t go inside you, and doesn’t clip onto your panties, but instead fits snugly on your labia! The smooth, flexible silicone wings fit under the labia majora to hold it in place, giving you the most delicious hands-free clitoral stimulation wherever you are. Use it while you’re getting ready for your date, or for a fun trip to the bathroom together in the middle of dinner! ;)

We-Vibe Chorus | $209.99

The We-Vibe Chorus has got to be one of our personal favorite couples vibes, because it’s not just a panty vibe: ohhhh no, it’s a DUAL vibe that delivers both internal and external stimulation, no hands required🙌 This is the perfect hands-free vibe for couples who are looking for a way to play discreetly in public and enjoy dual stimulation, with an internal piece that fits vaginally & an external piece that wraps around to rest on the clitoris. Controllable via a squeeze remote (the tighter you squeeze, the stronger the vibes!) or the We-Connect app, it’s easy to hand over control to your partner for some extra fun while you’re running errands ;)

Womanizer Duo | $219.99

Now if you prefer suction over traditional vibrations when it comes to clitoral stimulation, AND you want internal stimulation at the same time, then the Womanizer Duo is where it’s at. Combining Womanizer’s iconic Air Pleasure Technology with a rumbly, firm internally vibrating arm, this phenomenal toy provides the absolute best of both worlds! It’s made of a soft silicone skin and uses Smart Silence, which means it only turns on when it comes in contact with skin – no more accidentally setting off your vibe in the middle of the day at work😅A huge bonus is that you can control the internal vibration and the suction separately, so it’s totally up to you how strong of sensations you want each part to deliver!

Best Butt Plugs to Wear in Public

Vulva-owners aren’t the only ones who can have some sexy time in public – we’ve also got a few butt plugs for you that are super fun and wearable for extended periods of time ;) 

We-Vibe Ditto Vibrating Plug | $139.99

The We-Vibe Ditto is a fabulous option for anyone looking for a softer vibration & more gentle stimulation from a plug. This prostate plug, made from body-safe silicone, offers up to two hours of playtime on a single charge and gives you a choice of 10 delicious rumbling patterns! Whether you want to use this plug on your own or have your partner control it from afar via the We-Connect app for some long-distance play, it’ll always be ready to give you a good time.

F31 Small Plug | $23.99

If you’re looking for a beginner plug or just want a smaller one to play around with that doesn’t vibrate, the F31 Small Plug is a great choice. This small plug with 3 insertable inches is a perfect option for anyone who wants to start exploring anal play, needs a small plug to warm up with, or wants to have some fun with a plug that can be worn all day! The narrow shape & flared base helps it fit snugly between your cheeks and is comfortable enough to wear while you’re out with your boo (bonus points if you both wear one at the same time!). 

B-Vibe Small Vibrating Snug Plug | $99.99

Last but definitely not least is the B-Vibe Small Vibrating Snug Plug, a comfortable plug designed for extended wear, with vibrations that are sure to give you allll the shivers up & down your body. This snug plug made from premium, body-safe silicone, features a thick neck and a smooth handle for ultimate comfort, whether you’re wearing it to warm up for more anal play or you wear it on a night out!

Looking for more of our favorite anal toys + tips for getting into anal play? Check out our guide to Anal Play for Beginners: Butt Plugs, Booty Beads, & More!

Best Sneaky, Disguised Vibrators That No One Will Suspect

If you want a vibrator so discreet that nobody will even know it’s a vibrator, we’ve got two suggestions for you that are perfect to toss in your purse, or leave out on your nightstand without worrying about houseguests accidentally finding them!

Tenga Iroha Lipstick Vibrator | $23.99

Is it the newest shade of your favorite lipstick – or is it a tiny vibrator? No one will ever know ;) The Tenga Iroha Lipstick Vibrator is the ultimate discreet toy to carry around with you everywhere if you’re looking for something simple and not too powerful, but still super satisfying. The slanted, silicone tip envelops the clit with delicious, gentle vibrations that come in 3 different speeds to appease whatever kind of sensation you’re looking for. Honestly, it’s just plain fun to carry this “lipstick” around when you’re the only one who knows what kind of fun it really offers!

Bloomgasm Rose Suction Vibrator | $52.99

Want a vibrator that doubles as a pretty little piece of decor for your nightstand? The palm-sized Bloomgasm Rose Suction Vibrator is a fun & unique clitoral suction vibe that’s sure to leave you blossoming with pleasure. This rose-shaped vibrator uses gentle tapping and suction for surprisingly powerful clitoral stimulation, and is small enough to bring with you wherever you go – although not as compact as a bullet vibe like the Tenga Iroha. The velvety-smooth silicone body even offers 10 different suction modes for you to choose from!


We hope this guide got you excited with all kinds of new ways to spice up your next date night (or even your next weekly errand), whether you take control of your partner’s pleasure at the grocery store or you both wear your new butt plugs during your night out on the town. There are SO many ways to play in public with discreet sex toys and have a sexy little secret that only you (or you and your partner) know about – we just hope you’re ready to hide that blush that’s sure to pop up on your face once your toy turns on ;)


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