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WinkWink hosts public classes and events at our own event space as well as in our community. We also host private parties where we teach workshops to small groups!

Information about our ongoing classes are here:

  • Uncringe Academy: sex education for ages 9+ (registration open for March-May 2024)
  • Sex After Bad Stuff: pleasure education course for anyone who has experienced "bad stuff" in sex (registration open for February-April 2024)

If cost is a barrier to any of our events, contact info@winkwinkboutique.com for info on scholarship/sliding scale options.




Chronic Cuntiness: A Drag Show

Saturday, 5/11
6:30pm - 8:30pm
$10 - 18+
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A drag show dedicated to highlighting and celebrating disabled bodies. 

Must be 18+ 


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Savouring Sensations Through Ceramics

Monday, 5/13
5:30pm - 7:30pm
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Join Daija and the folks at MUD Ceramics for an evening to tap in and staying present. We live in a time with lots of barriers to tuning into our bodies and slowing down. We will take moment to savour our sensation and really tune into practices that help bring you back to our body. What better way than sitting down on a clay wheel and creating something with intention of slowing down and enjoying the process. 

Create creative and tap into your sensations while creating something to bring home! No experience required!

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Erotica Writing Workshop Series

Mondays, 5/20 - 6/17
6:00pm - 7:30pm
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What can we learn about ourselves through erotic writing, and what unique pleasures can we explore through it? Whether you're a published author or an occasional hobby writer, whether you've got a portfolio filled with erotica or you've never penned anything spicier than a kiss--this is the course for you! Throughout this 6-week course, we will dive deep into the heady waters of writing about pleasure for pleasure's sake! We will explore the technical aspects (e.g. general formal and narrative fiction techniques, character and world-building, etc.) as well as the fun bits (e.g. tropes, dynamics, kinks and squi(icks), etc.) to develop our own outlines, scenes, and stories!

This class will feature group and individual discussions and writing exercises. Sharing of your work is not required, but will be warmly encouraged.


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