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We host public classes and events at our own event space as well as in our community. We also host private parties where we teach workshops to small groups! If cost is a barrier to any of our events, contact info@winkwinkboutique.com for info on scholarship/sliding scale options.



Sapphic Sip and Paint

Friday, December 8th, 6-8pm.

Calling all queer, non-binary, and women loving women folks! 

Come chat, chill, sip, and create together at Ponderosa Beer and Books. Whether you love to paint or don't know how, local artist Nat Millsap will help you create a painting that you will be proud to bring home. This night is dedicated to the relaxation and nurturing of the sapphic community. We invite you to unwind, grab the wine, and pick up the paintbrushes! 


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Live BDSM Workshop! 

Saturday, December 9th, 6-7:30pm.

Let's Practice BDSM Play! 

Whether you’re a Top, Bottom, Switch or just BDSM curious. Come develop your skills, and discover your kink appetite. In this is blended workshop between instructional and live demonstration, we will dig into the all the "how-tos" for spanking, flogging, rope and more! 

Connie Perez is back to share her toys and experience. And she’s being joined by friends who also have a wealth of skills to share, instruct, and play along! 

Instructor Connie Perez has provided BDSM education and live demos with a wide variety of toys since 2005. Centered on the creating safe, sane, and consensual play, she'll share how to  develop a healthy BDSM scene, while giving a live demonstration of play. Come learn how to properly use a flogger, paddle, and other toys to (lovingly) smack and wack with!

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Sex Magic Fest

December 15th, 6-9pm.

Join us for a sensual evening full of magic! Create your own spell candles, ritual massage oil, view rope demos, and tarot reading. Spice things up with the sensory room and see how far your fantasy will take you. Raffle and prize wheel will be available! 

Free. 18+



Fingering the Pages: Pop-up Bookclub

Thurs, Jan 11th. 6-7:30pm.


 Join Milandra Arquilevich, CHSE (she/her)--and fellow pleasure-seekers--for a loosely-guided, mostly open discussion of Euphemia Russell’s book Slow Pleasure.
“Slow Pleasure is a practical and philosophical exploration of pleasure, teaching you how to claim, prioritise and integrate pleasure into your daily life. We live in a world of breakneck speed and it can be intimidating and nearly impossible to slow down. In this crisis of pace, we are often disembodied, disconnected, and forget that we even live in a body!

Woven throughout the book are reflection questions and pleasure practices that bring you back into your body, make you slow down to listen to yourself, and help you consciously begin to prioritise your pleasure. Slow Pleasure teaches us that pleasure goes way beyond sex and should be cultivated and celebrated in every moment.” — pleasure coach & educator Euphemia Russell (they/them)This will be an space for appropriate sharing (optional), respectful listening (mandatory), and expanding on our ideas of pleasure, together.



Sex After Bad Stuff:
A pleasure education course for anyone who's experienced sexual assault*

Bellingham, 6-Week Course: Sept. 11 - Oct. 16, Mondays
Online Mini-Course: 
Oct 30 - Nov. 8, Mon/Wed
Seattle, Weekend Course: Oct. 7 -8, Sunset Hill Community Club

Do you feel like you’re merely tolerating sex? Not sure how to talk about what you want (or even figure out what that is)? For so many people who’ve had violating sexual experiences, sex may feel fraught, out of control, or unfun. We’re raising the bar from surviving to thriving, helping anyone who’s experienced coercive, assaultive, or bad-but-I-don’t-have-a-word-for-it sexual experiences to create the sex life they want.

This class will cover information and strategies to help you feel more empowered in your sexuality. We’ll be taking a pleasure-based approach, helping participants to build, embody, and celebrate their sexual selves.Topics include:

  • Sexual communication
  • Keeping focus during sex
  • Getting clear on consent and managing the feeling of "maybe"
  • Exploring your sexual messaging
  • Building and managing desire
  • The anatomy of arousal and pleasure
  • Sex toys and other enhancements
  • Sensation and power play
  • Bringing sex-positivity into your everyday life

Open to all genders, participants must be 18+
Prices vary depending on course and sliding scale/scholarships are available. View all course options here.

All classes are taught by Jenn Mason, Certified Sexologist. Jenn is the owner of WinkWink and has a background in working with survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. She's an energetic facilitator who values discussion and interaction in her teaching style. To connect with Jenn, contact jenn@winkwinkboutique.com.

*or other generally awful sex things you feel messed up about but aren't sure what to call it


Teaching Uncringe Academy
Uncringe Academy: Sex Education Without (Most Of) The Awkward

There's a lot to learn when it comes to bodies, puberty, sex, gender, and relationships! That's why WinkWink created "Uncringe Academy": honest, supportive, and inclusive sex education classes to help young people, families, and professionals understand this important part of their life.

Taught by WinkWink owner and sex educator, Jenn Mason, this class provides sex education that's based in empowerment and information, rather than shame, fear, and judgment.


2-day workshops for youth are divided by age and presentation of topics will vary for developmental appropriateness. Workshops for adults are 1.5-2.5 hours, with content varying for specific audiences. See links below for more details.

We use an accepting, informing, and affirming framework. Our focus is helping young people to feel comfortable around these topics so that they can advocate for their own bodies, health, and well-being.

Upcoming Uncringe Academy Classes (tickets + info)