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Coaching Services

Struggling with an intimacy issue? 
Know how you want your sex life to feel but aren't sure how to get there?

Our private coaching sessions offer space for talking about 
(yes, just talking) sexual challenges and desires. Coaching helps you work toward your intimacy goals by providing tools that help you have a sex life you love. Sessions are for solos and partners, together or separate.

    Our 50-minute coaching sessions are all online at this time and are $75. We also offer complimentary, 15-minute sessions to determine if coaching is right for you.

    For sliding scale options, email info@winkwinkboutique.com.

    About Jenn Mason:

    "Hi, I'm Jenn. I'm the owner of WinkWink and a certified sexologist. I'm also the mom to a cool kid who has cerebral palsy, a former sexual assault victim advocate, and a school board member."

    I'm a certified sexologist and board-certified Diplomate through the American Board of Sexology. I received my sex coaching certification through Sexology Institute. I also have a B.A. from Western Washington University and a Master of Public Administration from Seattle University.

    • Low desire or desire differences
    • Sexual communication
    • Intimacy after breakups, divorce, or widowhood
    • Parenting and sex
    • Sex after sexual assault/boundary violations
    • Working with people who have developmental, intellectual, and physical disabilities 

    About Milandra Arquilevich, CHSE:

    “Hello! I’m Milandra (she/her), a certified holistic sex educator (CHSE), and I’m passionate about embodied pleasure, its importance for overall health and wellness, and making it accessible for every body.

    I believe knowledge is power, and that learning and exploring how pleasure looks—and more importantly feels—for each person individually is essential to self-empowerment. Working as a Pleasure Educator for the better part of a decade, I’ve provided a judgement-free space for hundreds of folx to ask questions, unlearn shame, explore their desires, and expand their ideas and experiences of pleasure.

    I have a Bachelors in Psychology with an emphasis in Human Sexuality from CalPoly Humboldt and a Holistic Sex Educator Certification from the Institute for Sexuality Enlightenment and Education.

    Specialties include:
    • Expanding sexual toolbelts—find toys and techniques specific to unique wants, needs, and abilities
    • Exploring sexuality & overcoming compulsory heterosexuality
    • Queer sex for all experience levels
    • Communication about sex, desire, and intimacy
    • Sex and intimacy with chronic pain/illness

    Sextrology with Milandra Arquilevich, CHSE

    Do a deep dive into the stars and Pleasure Oracle! Based on your own birthplace and time, personalized Sextrology Readings are designed to support you on your unique journey of self-discovery. 

    A deep understanding and acceptance of one’s unique Self are key to embracing intimacy and fully experiencing pleasure, allowing for more meaningful—and when desired, sensual— connection with others.

    Utilizing a combination of modern sex science and astrological tools to delve into what makes you “You”, Milandra will provide suggestions for ways to be in alignment with your desires, help find solutions to any blocks you may be facing, and explore ways in which you can enhance and embody pleasure in all aspects of your life.

    At least one (1) week prior to the session, email the following information about the participant(s) to milandra@winkwinkboutique.com:

    1. Name and Pronouns--please note: this does not have to match what is on participant’s birth certificate!
    2. Birth Date
    3. Birth Time--if exact is not available, best guess(es) are appreciated, even if it’s vague (e.g. mid to late morning, between 1 and 4pm, etc.)
    4. Birth Location--city/zip code

    Using this information, the birth chart(s) of the participant(s) will be created and a copy brought to the session for the individual(s) to reference/keep.

    Individual: 1 hour, $75
    Couple: 1.5 to 2 hours, $111

    To schedule a Sextrology Reading, contact milandra@winkwinkboutique.com.