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Sex Coaching

WinkWink is now offering sex coaching with individuals and partners! 

Our private coaching sessions offer space to talk about sexual challenges and provide tools to help you have a sex life that you love.

Topics addressed include:
-Difficulty with orgasm
-Intimacy challenges
-Trying to manage a sex life while parenting
-Struggles with low or mismatched desire
-Figuring out how to better please yourself or a partner
-Erectile issues
-Kinks and fetishes
-Confidence in expressing boundaries and desires
-Reclaiming sexuality after sexual assault/experiencing boundary violations

Through touch-free sessions (yes, we just talk!), we can help you to build confidence and feel more empowered in your sex life.

Sessions are $75 for 50-minute sessions. Sliding scale may be available, please contact us to inquire.

Sessions are generally held upstairs from the shop in our private education space. Due to COVID-19, sessions will be held online.

About Jenn Mason

Jenn Mason is the WinkWink owner and a certified Sex Coach. Prior to opening WinkWink, she worked with survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence for over a decade. She's spent her whole career talking about different sides of sex and intimacy, and is passionate about banishing sexual shame and stigma. Jenn has a B.A. from Western Washington University, M.P.A. from Seattle University, and is secretly a complete nerd that reads journal articles for fun. She's also a mom of a child with a disability, sometimes runner, and avid karaoke-r.


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