Participate in the Normal Nudes Photo Project!

WinkWink is now accepting submissions for the Normal Nudes Photo Project! The purpose of the Normal Nudes Photo Project is to create a vulnerable and affirming photo collection that showcases nude human bodies in their everyday form. 

While ALL bodies are "normal" bodies, we often don't see them PRESENTED normally, exactly as they are.

Bodies are inherently neutral and normal: we reject the definition they've been given by predatory capitalism and patriarchal, anti-queer, anti-POC narratives. This collection stands in opposition to the destructive tactics used to create, prey on, and exploit body shame and insecurities.

The Normal Nudes Photo Project is a step toward normalizing the body, a radical step outside the pressure to conform to a narrow set of body and beauty standards (that generally prioritize white, abled, thin, young bodies).

We accept and affirm every body exactly as it is. Inspired by, we believe in the power of exposing ourselves to the unerotic, everyday body.

Our bodies are enough. We are enough.


This collection will be open to the public on Friday, September 13, 2019 as part of WinkWink's 1st anniversary weekend. It will also be featured in November Art Walk. More information about these events available soon.


Submission Rules and Photos Use:
ALL submissions that comply with the following rules will be presented in the collection! All genders are welcomed and encouraged to submit photos.

We will print the photo exactly as it is sent to us, so please read through the entire set of rules.

1. Must be at least 18 years old.
2. Local folx only. Please live in the region or have a meaningful connection to it.
3. Photos must be full frontal and fully naked.
4. Photos must be non-sexual in nature. No erect penises, sexy poses, sex toys, etc.
5. Showing faces are optional! You may choose to show your face, cover, cut off, or blur out.
6. No blurring out/covering other body parts, tattoos, or identifying marks. We know this takes courage!
7. Photos must be "untouched" (i.e. not photoshopped/edited).
8. No obvious filters, adjusting for lighting is okay.
9. High-resolution/iPhone photos are great. Very low-res photos may be excluded.
10. Photos will ONLY be accepted through the form below do not DM us your photos.

How your photo will be used:

1. Presented in the Normal Nudes Photo Project, opening Friday, September 13, 2019 and on display until Sunday, September 15, 2019 in the WinkWink Studio (our upstairs event space). This will be open to the public and is 18+. No photos of the collection will be permitted. You are welcome to attend the show opening on 9/13, more information will be available on our social media.

2. Presented in the November Art Walk on November 1, 2019 in the WinkWink Studio (our upstairs event space). This will be open to the public and is 18+. No photos of the collection will be permitted.

To submit a photo, please upload your photo and sign the consent form here.