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Participate in the Normal Nudes Photo Project!

The Normal Nudes Photo Project is a vulnerable and affirming photo collection showcasing local, nude human bodies in their everyday form. While ALL bodies are "normal" bodies, we don't often see them PRESENTED normally, exactly as they are.

Bodies are inherently neutral and normal. We reject their presentation by predatory capitalism and patriarchal, anti-trans/disability/POC narratives. Across our lifetime, we may experience both oversexualization and desexualization, each damaging in their own way.

And well...f*ck all that.

The Normal Nudes Photo Project normalizes the body, an ironically radical step outside the pressure to conform to a narrow set of (completely trash) standards.

Submit a Photo:

All submissions that comply with the following rules will be presented in the collection.

1. Participants must be at least 18 years old.
2. Participants must live in Whatcom County (or be a college student here most of the year).
3. Photos must be full frontal and fully naked.
4. Photos must be non-erotic in nature. No erect penises, intentionally sexy poses, sex toys, etc.
5. Showing your face is optional! You may choose to show your face, cover, cut off, or blur out.
6. Only one person may be in the photo. The person in the photo must be the person submitting this form.
7. No blurring out/covering other body parts, tattoos, or identifying marks. We know this takes courage!
8. Photos must be "untouched" (i.e. not photoshopped/edited).
9. No obvious filters, minor adjustments for lighting is okay.
10. Photos taken on phones are fine! Please note that the lower the quality of camera, the lower the quality of photo.
11. Photo exactly as it is sent to us, aside from potential cropping to fit to a printable size.
12. Photos will ONLY be accepted through this form, do not DM or drop off your photos.

If your photo does not comply with these requirements, IT WILL NOT BE PRINTED.

Click here to submit a photo

About the Photo Exhibition:

Friday, September 8
7:00-9:00PM, Free
Open to the public
Ages 18+

All submissions that comply with the rules will be presented in the collection. Photos may be printed in color or black-and-white. For security reasons, phones may not be used during this event.

This event is part of WinkWink's 5-Year Anniversary Party Weekend. Check out the rest of the anniversary events!