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Reclaim the Rocks Auction

In the summer of 2022, WinkWink was the target of radical, right-wing misinformation and harassment. Centered on our work to support queer youth and provide sex education, the shop received weeks of harassment, death threats, and anti-semitic hate.

In the early hours of August 6, 5 men walked through the streets carrying a box of rocks. They arrived at our shop, lined up in front of the windows, and broke nearly all of our windows in just a few seconds.

The rocks that were left in our store were used to inflict intimidation and violence. They also offered us a path to take back our power through art and healing.

Bellingham artist Kevin F. Coleman transformed these tools of hate into pieces of beauty and reclamation. With a mission to "help those in need through the beauty of art", Kevin breathed new life into the rocks. Inspired by his love of nature and water, each rock became its own ripple of positivity.

100% of proceeds from this silent auction will be donated to Whatcom Youth Pride (WYP). WYP finds ways to celebrate and show support to LGBTQIA+ youth in Whatcom County, including the annual Whatcom Youth Pride Parade and Festival!

View all art pieces in the "Reclaim the Rocks" silent auction. Bidding closes on Tuesday, 9/20 at 6pm.

Thank you to Kevin Coleman, Whatcom Youth Pride, and Zomi, who made a comment that inspired this entire idea.
Purple Octopus by Kevin Coleman