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Update on Uncringe Academy

Did you come here straight from the headlines? Here are some facts about our upcoming sex education workshop.


1. There is absolutely nothing hands-on in the class. We are not teaching children to pleasure themselves or others. I can't believe we have to say that, but apparently we do.

2. Parents are their kids' first teachers! We hope these conversations are happening at home. But we've also heard from lots of parents who aren't comfortable having these conversations or their kids just won't listen to them. We are responding to a request from our community to offer these types of classes.

3. Lots of sex ed is based in shame and fear; ours isn't. Instead, we use a positive framework-sexuality is a normal, healthy part of life and it isn't supposed to feel degrading, painful, or abusive. This helps foster better communication, lead to healthier relationships, and eventually, adopt safer sex strategies.

4. Young people are getting messages about sex all the time. Even when you think they aren't. Unfortunately, most of those messages are shame-based, inaccurate, or demeaning. This offers a different option for young folks to not have to unlearn that mess later in life.

5. Sex education looks different at different ages. There are ways to make it developmentally appropriate. At younger ages, this means helping kids understand how their body works (including sexual anatomy), consent, and what healthy relationships looks like.

6. Our event space is separate from our shop space. It has its own entrance.

7. We should question why it's so concerning for kids to learn that sexuality is supposed to be healthy and a good part of their life. What are we teaching when we keep it a secret or teach from shame?


Have other questions? Email us at info@winkwinkboutique.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can.