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B-Vibe Anal Education Set: Masster's Degree Edition


Curated with the optimal tools for the true bussybuilder, the new B-Vibe Anal Education Set: Masster's Degree Edition is a must-have collection for advanced anal enthusiasts. 

Explore the depths of extreme anal stimulation with a set of large anal beads and a training cone. Condition the booty for discreet plugging with the Snug Plug 6 or experience deep anal euphoria with the Rimming Plug XL. 

For fellow anal afistionados, the Masster's Degree Edition includes a set of body-safe nitrile gloves for taking the particularly wide plunge. Also included is a deep wash enema to master anal hygiene, B-Vibe's signature lubricant applicator, and the B-Vibe Masster's Collection Guide to ensure booty players are well equipped and well informed to take anal play sessions to the next level. 

  • Set includes:
    • Large anal beads
    • Anal training cone
    • Snug Plug 6
    • Rimming Plug XL
    • Deep wash enema
    • Lubricant applicator
    • Booty play buide