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Double Sided Silicone Suction Cup


Do you have a dildo you LOVE but wish had a suction cup? Wish you could mount your favorite dildos to create your own double dildo? WELL, now you CAN!

This amazing double sided suction cup gives your favorite dil a strong suction cup, or takes two and puts them together! Now thats the peak of innovation! 

  • Diameter: 2.5 inches 
  • Holds most dildos up to 3 pounds
  • Will work with most flat based dildos, except ones that have ridges or texture on their bases
  • Works best on very smooth surfaces (glass, metal, concrete, mirrors, a smooth chair) will NOT suction onto drywall or vertical wood surfaces (like the side of a bookcase) 
  • Wet the suction cup before placing the dildo for extra suction power!