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Fun Cup Explore Kit


Switch out your pads and tampons for this super comfortable menstrual cup! The Fun Cup can be worn for around 12 hours: at the end of the day, just remove, wash out, and re-insert. The Fun Cup Explore Kit includes a smaller size that can be used for lighter days, while the larger can be used for a heavier flow. Fun Cups are a safe, comfortable, environmentally-friendly option that will let you forget all about your period, once and for all!

  • Material: Silicone
  • Includes two sizes
  • SIZE A: 2.1 in long, 1.56 in wide, 0.68 oz (20 ml)
    (holds 4x as much as a tampon)
  • SIZE B: 2.29 in long, 1.7 in wide, 1.01 oz (30 ml)
    (holds 6x as much as a tampon)