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Fun Factory Tiger


Tiger is one of five bestselling, award-winning toys that represent the best of Fun Factory and are celebrating their success by releasing them in regal, gemlike colors - which happen to be gender-neutral - as part of a limited-edition line. Fun Factory's Jewels come in special opalescent packaging that's luxurious and ultra-giftable. 

The prominent ridging and the bent tip on Tiger really intensely massages the G-spot. The booster guarantees additional power, allowing Tiger to purr in top form. Connoisseurs will love the ultra wavy profile, because each ridge delivers unexpected intense stimulation upon insertion. Tiger also includes FlexiFUN technology, which means extremely flexible 100% medical-grade silicone all the way to the core, plus a toy lock function for worry-free travel and a battery level indicator so users will never be surprised by a delay in play!