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Wicked Simply Hybrid Jelle Extra-Thick Lube


This hybrid is literally like jelly, ultra THICKK and rich! Perfect for folks that want extra cushioning and a long lasting glide in lube that won't move around as much as your traditional hybrid formula. 

  • Added Olive Oil Extract for extra moisturizing and bio static properties
  • Like all of the lubes WinkWink carries, this formula is free from Propylene glycol, glycerin, parabens, and desensitizers

Water, propanediol (corn), cyclopentasiloxane*, cellulose gum (cotton seed), sodium polyacrylate, dimethicone*, trideceth-6**, PEG/PPG18/18 dimethicone*, sodium benzoate**, potassium sorbate**

* Silicone 

** Preservative