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20 Gender-Affirming Products for Transgender Pride

20 Gender-Affirming Products for Transgender Pride

It’s Pride Month, which means it’s an extra great time to support the trans people in your life – and to embrace YOUR own authentic self! We know that it’s super important for our trans friends to feel as comfortable and confident in their bodies as possible, which is why we put together this list of 20 gender-affirming products & accessories for you to look through. This list includes plenty of gender-affirming shapewear, accessories, and other items such as binders, packers, & TransTape to help you express your truest self, and feel good while doing it! You deserve to be completely yourself in whatever way, shape, or form feels right to you.

20 Gender-Affirming Products & Accessories for Transgender People


Econo Binder (Single-Compression Layer) | $27.99

If you’re looking for a binder with great compression but you don’t want too much, the Single-Compression Econo Binder is the binder for you! Comprised of medical-grade nylon and spandex compression, you’ll find firm, consistent shaping every time you put this binder on – all the while still feeling super comfortable thanks to the soft and supple cotton lining. Buy this cropped binder in black or white to go seamlessly under any clothing!

Ultimate Chest Binder (Double-Compression Layer) | $36.99

Now if you’re looking for a good middle-ground when it comes to compression – not too much, but not too little (your Goldilocks, one might say): the Double-Compression Ultimate Chest Binder is going to be your best friend. With two layers of powernet panels across the front creating a firm, flat front, this binder delivers powerful compression while still feeling great against your skin. The full-length tanktop design, which can be tucked in or pulled low (without riding up), makes it easy to blend in under any clothing while giving you a flat-chest appearance.

Tri-Top Chest Binder (Triple-Compression Layer) | $36.99

Finally, if you want a binder with as much compression as you can get without sacrificing comfort, the Tri-Top Binder will blow you away. Made of the same medical-grade nylon and spandex as the single & double compression binders, this chest binder has three powerful layers that give you a super flat shape while still being surprisingly comfortable on your body! Wear this cropped tanktop binder under any piece of clothing for the appearance of a perfectly natural flat chest – you’ll barely even notice that you’re wearing it (and nobody else will!).


Have you ever experienced vaginal tightness, or pain/discomfort during penetration? You’re not alone, and we have just the thing to help: vaginal dilators! These dilators are designed to address various types of vaginal discomfort, from tightness to pain during penetration of any kind. Below are three sets of dilators we recommend checking out, along with talking with a pelvic floor professional first.


Vaginal Silicone Dilator 5-Piece Set | $99.99

This 5-piece set is great for folks who aren’t quite sure what size dilator they’ll need to start with, or who haven’t used dilators before. Encased in super-soft silicone, this multi-color dilator set is easy to use and comfortable to insert, meant to slowly and safely stretch vaginal tissues to increase comfort during penetration. It’s best to start with the smallest dilator and increase the size depending on your body’s natural reaction, and you can also use water-based lube to make insertion easier! The smallest dilator in this set is 2.83” x .5”, and the largest is 5.5” x 1.3”. Note that these dilators are not safe for anal play.

Blush Wellness Vaginal Dilator Set | $74.99

While the dilators in the above 5-piece set have slightly pointed tips, the Blush Wellness Vaginal Dilator Set comes with four dilators with rounded tips for a comfortable fit – it’s up to you to figure out which shape feels best for your body. The rounded tips often feel more comfortable for folks who are new to using dilators, as they help avoid cervical irritation when used properly.

The dilators in this set start at 3.5” x .5” and go up to 5.5” x 1.25”, all of which have a straight, smooth body with an adorable heart-shaped base. Safe for both vaginal and anal play (and harness play!), these dilators are perfect for folks looking to improve comfort during penetration – and they’re super easy to clean, too: just place them in boiling water!

Crystal Delights Dilator Set | $179.99

If you and your pelvic floor specialist have decided that you’ll wear a dilator for a longer period of time, either to treat a sexual issue or help you during the process of sexual reassignment, the Crystal Delights Dilators are a fantastic option. Made from high-quality, extra heavy walled Borosilicate glass tubing, these 3 graduated glass dilators are some of the best out there on the market. With a folded “lip” rim that fits comfortably against your body, each dilator is incredibly safe, effective, and great for both vaginal & anal stretching! 


Mr. Right Packer | $59.99

Mr. Right is a super comfortable, 4.25” long silicone packing dildo that’s perfect for everyday packing, or just to wear once in a while! Not only does the silicone look (and feel!) like real skin, it’s also incredibly durable – so this packer won’t break down or degrade the more you wear it. You’ll love the luxuriously soft feel of the exterior, whether you wear it comfortably in the front pouch of your underwear or in a packing strap. Oh, and did we mention that it warms and retains body heat? And you can even soften Mr. Right with a little bit of cornstarch if you’d like it to feel even more skin-like. The realistic experience you get with this packing dildo is unmatched!

Archer Packer | $44.99

If you’re looking for a slightly smaller packer than Mr. Right, the Archer Packer is a fantastic option. Made of soft silicone, this small packer measures at 4” overall with a 3.75” shaft, and is perfect for anybody looking for a subtle bulge. It comes in a variety of skin tones and wears comfortably in your underwear, although we’d say that it’s not quite as realistic of a look or feel as Mr. Right.

Sam STP Pack N’ Play | $69.99

The Sam packer is probably our most realistic packer for a truly gender-affirming experience and is our only one that also serves multiple purposes! With 3 insertable silicone inches, Sam looks and feels super realistic, and is comfortable to wear any way you’d like. Now here’s the best part: Sam is compatible with O-ring harnesses and can be used as an actual dildo – killing two birds with one stone here! This packer also allows users to pee while standing up, as it comes with a pee cup, so you’ll get an extra authentic, gender-affirming experience. 

Packing Briefs

SpareParts Pete Packing Briefs | $39.95-49.95

SpareParts Pete Packing Briefs will have you packing like a pro in no time with plenty of support for your front, your back, and everything in between! These briefs can be worn alone or beneath underwear, and give you plenty of freedom and control to wear the soft packer of your choice. Created to work with a variety of packer brands, you have the option to have the back of your packer directly against the skin for full contact or to cover it for a more secure fit. You’ll never have to worry about your packer shifting or falling out, but you’ll still have easy access with the open-fly front design. Simply toss your briefs into your washing machine, or hand wash them to keep them clean for every day use!

Choose from two styles: the Pete FreeStyle Briefs for a jock strap style, or the Pete Contoured Briefs for a more classic underwear cut.

SpareParts Pete Packing Trunks | $54.99

If you’d prefer more of a short, square-cut boxer style, we’d recommend the Pete Packing Trunks! Made of the same comfortable material as the briefs, the Pete Trunks are more like “boy shorts” – except with open-fly access. Fit your soft packer easily in the trunks without the fear of it falling out or dislodging thanks to the sturdy material! The Nylon Spandex fabric is lightweight and breathable, ensuring you stay cool and dry all day long, with Jersey components that hug and hold your skin comfortably.


Temptasia Strap-On Harness Briefs | $44.99

Looking for a pair of briefs that doubles as both comfortable all-day packing briefs and a harness ready for strap-on fun at any time? The Temptasia Strap-On Harness Briefs will become your new go-to pair to put on in the mornings! Made of a stretchy cotton-spandex material, these briefs are perfect for wearing a soft packer on a daily basis, OR for sexy strap-on play! The snug fit helps compensate for the weight of a dildo, and there’s even an extra pocket where you can slide in a bullet vibrator for extra stimulation. 

Tomboi Harness | $99.99

The Tomboi Harness is the ultimate pair of multi-functional harness briefs, perfect for all-day wear without any straps, buckles, or other tidbits to get in the way of your comfort. Along with the super comfortable water-friendly nylon spandex material, this harness has two small pockets above & below the O-ring where bullet vibrators fit perfectly for even more fun! 

Other Gender-Affirming Products

Trans Masc Pump | $30.99

This pump was specifically designed for queer, trans-masculine, and nonbinary bodies to help increase growth, sensation, and stimulation to the genitals. The kit comes with 1 cylinder and 1 pump with a release valve, ideal for anatomy under 3 inches, and is super easy to use. You’ll have no problem achieving instant & oh-so-pleasurable growth!t

TransTape | $16.99

TransTape is a great body transformation alternative to bras, binders, packers, and gaffes for folks who want a more temporary and customizable system. Made of a waterproof and sweatproof cotton-spandex blend, TransTape is designed to compress your chest in a comfortable yet firm way. It’s safe to sleep in and does not restrict breathing, but note that it’s not intended for multiple-day use. Rolls typically last around 1-3 months depending on your activity level, chest size, and how often you need to change your tape, but all you have to do once you’re out is buy a new roll! This is a super easy way to compress your chest without having to wear a full binder.

Gaff Panty | $30.99

This thong-style panty is a comfortable, supportive underwear option that doesn’t flatten the genital area, and is ready to wear under any clothing! Made from a polyester and nylon blend, these cream-colored panties have a smooth finish, soft seams, and won’t show through.

Triangle Foam Breast Forms | $39.99

If you want to add some extra oomph to your chest, these Triangle Foam Breast Forms are perfect for a comfortable, natural look! The foam is a great alternative to the higher cost and heavier weight of silicone breast forms, and the forms easily fill out any bra you wear. We recommend buying them along with our Transform Lace Bra (more details below) for a perfect fit!

Satin and Lace Soft Cup Bra | $40.99

This Satin and Lace Soft Cup Bra is the perfect buddy to the Foam Breast Forms we just mentioned, made of extremely soft nylon fabric with room for any breast form by the Nearly Me brand. You’ll have plenty of support from this sturdy yet comfortable bra that minimizes sweat, plus the lace detailing along the edges is super stylish. And the best part? No underwires!

Trans Pride Accessories

Pride Flags | $15.00

Wear your pride on your wall, on your balcony, or anywhere in your home with these 3’ x 5’ Pride flags! Choose from our Non-Binary, Intersex, Transgender, and Philly Pride flags. 100% of flag sales support queer youth in Whatcom County, including youth drag shows, queer prom, and the Whatcom County Youth Pride Parade!

Pronoun Pins | $2.00

Finally, share your pronouns with people everywhere you go by wearing one of these cute pronoun pins! Put one on your backpack, your purse, or on your shirt for a night out to make sure people respect your preferred gender pronouns. 

We hope these 20 gender-affirming products and accessories can help you embrace & express your best self not just this month, but for the rest of your life. You deserve all the happiness, love, and support, loves! Be sure to check out more of our recent blog posts below if you loved this one.

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