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Body Dock Original


Elevate your strap-on experience with the Body Dock Original. This innovative design offers a seamless and powerful approach to strap-on play. Its patented suction-based system is what truly sets it apart. No more rings or snaps. It's as simple as pressing your favorite dildo or vibrator's suction cup against the concave suction dock. With a quick push, the suction creates an incredibly sturdy connection.

Say goodbye to sagging dilemmas. The angled suction plate of the Body Dock Original counteracts any drooping, keeping everything in place. 

  • It's the easiest strap-on harness system on the market!
  • Heavy-duty nylon straps and adjustable buckles
  • Flexible form-fitted body plate distributes pressure, evenly enhancing comfort
  • Docking Plate (Inner Diameter): 3.4 in.
  • Minimum Waist Size: 24 in.
  • Maximum Waist Size: 56 in. 
  • Accommodates any dildo with a suction cup diameter of 3.4 in. or smaller

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