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Lingerie Shopping: 8 Tips for Buying Lingerie You'll Love

Lingerie Shopping: 8 Tips for Buying Lingerie You'll Love

Welcome to WinkWink’s brand-new lingerie shopping guide! Whether your closet is already overflowing with sexy pieces or you’re looking to buy lingerie for the first time, there are a few key things you need to know beforehand to ensure you have the BEST experience possible. When it comes to lingerie, it’s alllll about making sure you feel as comfortable, confident, sexy, and empowered as possible, whatever that may mean to you – so we’ve put together our top 10 lingerie shopping tips to help you do just that!

8 Tips for Buying Lingerie That You’ll Love

1. Get familiar with your options

Before you head to the mall or to your local sex shop, it’s good to get familiar with your options so that you know what to expect, and to get an idea of what you might be looking for when you arrive! Lingerie comes in ALL different shapes, sizes, styles, designs, materials. . . your options are truly endless, which is why lingerie shopping is truly such a fun experience. You get to find what works best for YOU (more on that next)!

But because there are sooo many different options when it comes to buying lingerie, and because it can get a little overwhelming for first-timers, we wanted to give you a quick overview of some of the most common styles of sets & pieces you’ll most likely come across. 


Bralettes are one of the most common pieces in the world of lingerie, and have even become popular as alternatives to traditional bras! Bralettes are basically just bras without the underwire, meaning they provide less support. Many people prefer bralettes because the lack of support makes them more comfortable to wear, but others (often those with larger breasts) feel more comfortable having the support of a traditional bra with underwire (or other structural pieces). It’s totally up to you and what you feel best in!


Robes are, well, robes! Just like a robe you might put on after you shower, or before heading into a massage, robes wrap around your body and are tied in the front. They can provide more coverage if you tie them tighter, or you can leave ‘em loose and show off a little more skin! Whereas typical bath or spa robes are made of thick, plush material that’s soft on your skin and/or dries you off, robes in the lingerie world are typically much thinner and more delicate, often made of more luxurious, sheer fabrics with lace, patterns, and other aesthetic elements. They’re a fun addition to any lingerie you’re wearing – or they can be thrown on over your bare body for a little more spice! ;) 


Teddies are one-piece garments (similar to leotards or one-piece swimsuits) that hug your body, typically covering your chest, torso, and hips. They’re the same thing as bodysuits – but when referred to as “teddies,” they tend to be a little on the sexier side as far as design, material, and coverage go! They’re some of the most popular types of lingerie because they’re flattering on EVERYONE, they’re easy to slip on, and are usually pretty comfortable to wear, whether you’re lounging around the house on a weekend or are getting ready for some sexy time (by yourself or with a partner).

We looove the Allison Teddy by Oh La La Cheri – the deep red material with lace accents is flattering on everyone, and the cutout down the chest makes it perfect for anyone wanting to show off a little more skin + accentuate their cleavage. It’s also sold in a gorgeous evergreen color if you’re not a big fan of red!


Corsets are similar to teddies in terms of their coverage, but they’re typically worn as shapewear with the purpose of slimming & smoothing the appearance of your torso. Now, you know that here at WinkWink, we believe that ALL body types are beautiful, sexy, and empowering, and don’t need to be “slimmed down” to fit societal standards; however, if that’s something you’re looking for in your lingerie and something that’ll make you feel like your best, most authentic self, then corsets may be a great option for you! Just be sure to pick a corset that you’re still comfortable in, and that doesn’t squeeze your body too much or cause any pain. Get rid of that old adage that “beauty is pain,” and let yourself be COMFORTABLE!


Camisoles are lingerie tank tops that typically come in a silky or satin fabric, and can be worn either by themselves or with a pair of cute shorts for a little more coverage down there! They’re super versatile pieces because you can throw them on with a thong, over a bodysuit, under a robe, or even just wear them as PJ’s when you hop into bed. Camisoles come in a ton of different options, ranging from satin materials with lace accents for a little touch of luxury, to comfy silk that feels buttery smooth on your skin! 


A chemise is a short slip dress that looks similar to a camisole, often featuring spaghetti straps and lace accents, but instead of being the length of a shirt, it falls at the top of your thighs and isn’t meant to be paired with shorts. They’re super comfy and easy to slip into, whether you’re putting it on to go to sleep or to go flirt with your partner across the house!


If you want to add a little extra spice to your chest and show off your cleavage, opt for a bustier – a style of lingerie that extends a little ways down your torso, and helps accentuate your cleavage! Bustiers go perfectly with high-waisted bottoms, garters, or fishnet stockings, and come in tons of different colors and materials.

Bottoms: thongs, bikinis, and hipster

There are many different styles of lingerie bottoms, but the three most popular tend to be thongs, bikini, and hipster. Bikini underwear is your classic underwear with a low-rise and regular coverage in the back, perfect to pair with a matching top! Hipster underwear sits lower on the hips than bikini underwear, with a little bit of extra coverage on the bottom. Finally, thongs are the most revealing of the three styles, featuring just a strip of material in the back to really show off your cheeks! Thongs are sexy on their own, or you can pair ‘em with a cami, chemise, tights, you name it.


2. Buy lingerie for YOU

Now that you’re familiar with the most common types of lingerie out there, here’s the SINGLE most important thing you need to remember when lingerie shopping: you’re buying lingerie for YOU! Sure, you may have a partner you’ll be wearing it with, or you might be buying it with the intention of using it with a future partner. 

But when it comes down to it, YOU are the one that’s going to be wearing it! It’s going to be on your body, touching your skin, affecting the way that you feel when you wear it. It’s so important that you love and adore the lingerie you buy for no other reason than that you love and adore it – rather than because you think your partner/somebody else will approve! If you’re buying it for someone else, chances are that you’re not going to pick the lingerie that makes you feel like your most empowered, sexy self. And that should be your priority when lingerie shopping!

3. Comfort & confidence are key

Re: the old “beauty is pain” adage – get rid of it. Beauty is confidence, beauty is empowerment, beauty is COMFORT. And if you’re in pain or you’re uncomfortable while you’re wearing your lingerie, chances are that you are NOT going to feel your best! 

When it comes to choosing styles, materials/fabrics, and designs, make sure you pick pieces that allow you to move around easily and comfortably without restriction. Choose materials that feel good on your skin, and choose styles that feel good on your body. Even if the stylist at the shop you go to tells you that they think a teddy would look great on you, or that teddies are “comfortable on most people” – it’s totally okay if you don’t end up liking the teddy you try on! Or even if you love how lace looks on your body, don’t buy it if it feels itchy or irritating on your skin.

If you have any hesitation when trying on a piece, consider whether it’s something that you’ll really wear – that you’ll really choose when you go to your closet. If it’s not, keep trying pieces on until you find one that is!

4. All brands are different

Another important thing to keep in mind when shopping for lingerie is that unfortunately, every brand is different! Sizing can vary widely across brands, so if you find your perfect size at one store or from one brand, it may be completely different at another. This can be a little annoying when you’re buying multiple pieces, so if you’d like to make your experience as easy as possible, keep your shopping to one brand or at least one store! Otherwise, just be patient and have fun during the process – try on as many different styles & sizes as you need to find your perfect fit, and enjoy feeling like the beautiful, sexy human you are!

5. Shop for lingerie at inclusive stores

When shopping for lingerie, it’s important to buy from inclusive brands & shop at inclusive stores if you want to feel welcomed, affirmed, and empowered no matter your gender, body type, sexual orientation, or race. There should be ZERO body shaming or negativity at the lingerie stores you shop at — you deserve to feel beautiful and to feel welcome when you’re shopping for lingerie! Here at WinkWink, we believe that affirming all bodies is the biggest step we can take toward revolutionizing pleasure for ALL humans, and that includes the lingerie we sell. The pieces we have in-store are available to anyone & everyone, as all lingerie should be!

That’s our long-winded way of saying that we really encourage you to find identity-inclusive stores & brands to shop at — simply because you deserve it.

6. Quality > quantity

When it comes to buying lingerie, it is always quality > quantity! Sure, you can absolutely buy lower-quality lingerie and look + feel sexy as hell in it — but chances are, it won’t last you very long. It’s definitely worth it to spend a little more on high-quality lingerie that will hold up over time so that you don’t have to continue buying new pieces, and so that you have lingerie in your closet that isn’t deteriorating every time you wear it! The last thing you want is for the material to wear down a little bit more every day, and eventually it doesn’t feel good on your skin anymore — it’s itchy, irritating, and can’t be fixed. Buying high-quality lingerie also means you’ll typically be supporting more sustainable, environmentally-focused businesses who want their customers to wear their pieces for the long haul, rather than fast-fashion companies that prioritize quantity > quality.

7. Start with the staples

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and just can’t figure out where to start: start with the staples! If nothing else, it’s great to have just one cute bralette and a sexy pair of bottoms that you can rely on every single time. Yes, it’s best to have multiple options to choose from (for the sake of style and hygiene), but starting with a classic matching set (or a set of neutrals that go together) is a great way to start! That way, you can pair them with any future pieces you buy, or wear them under a camisole, chemise, etc.

8. Don’t be afraid to get creative

Finally, don’t be afraid to get creative with your lingerie! You absolutely do NOT have to stick to one color, one pattern, one style – mix it up with a variety of pieces that you love! Wear that bright red bralette with a pair of emerald green bottoms. Throw on a T-shirt over that teddy instead of a lacy robe. Step outside of your neutral-color-palette comfort zone and wear a mustard-yellow bodysuit. Mix polka dots and stripes. Mix three different bold colors. Because who said you can’t?! As long as you love it and it makes you feel good in your body, have FUN with it! 

Bonus Lingerie Shopping Tips

And because you know we love to over-deliver, we’ve got two more bonus tips for buying & wearing lingerie before you go!


Buy versatile pieces that you can wear during the day

First, think outside of the box when you’re lingerie shopping, and buy pieces that can double as daytime outfits (or pieces of one)! For example, teddies are so similar to bodysuits that you could 100% wear one as a top. Pair your favorite teddy with a cute pair of denim shorts and sandals, and bam — you’ve got the perfect summer outfit with an extra pop of sexiness! Teddies & bralettes can also look super cute when worn under a blazer, cardigan, or unbuttoned linen shirt. Or maybe you have a corset that you love and want to show off — why not throw it on over a t-shirt? This can make for a super cute & flirty look, either during the day or during a night out! 

Hand-wash your lingerie when possible

Last but not least, avoid putting your lingerie in a traditional washer/dryer, if possible! Hand-washing your lingerie is the best option to make sure the shape, style, and materials hold up, and that your pieces don’t shrink due to heat. It’s easy – just choose a gentle detergent, soak & gently wash your pieces in cold water with the detergent, squeeze out the excess water, and air dry!

We hope that this lingerie shopping guide has helped you feel more prepared & excited to go shopping for your next piece(s) of lingerie, and that you’re feeling ready to buy pieces that make you feel like your SEXIEST self – just like you deserve, loves! Be sure to check out the gorgeous selection of inclusive lingerie that we sell here at WinkWink – we may be a little biased, but we think it’s pretty great ;) Happy shopping!


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