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Best Waterproof Sex Toys & Tips for Great Shower Sex

Best Waterproof Sex Toys & Tips for Great Shower Sex

Having fun in the bedroom doesn’t have to be limited to JUST the bedroom – you can easily get a little adventurous by moving your sexy time to the couch, to the kitchen, to the bathroom, to your desk, you name it. But the shower is by far one of the most popular places in most people’s homes to enjoy sexy time outside of the bedroom, be it solo or partnered! If you’re looking to bring a toy into the shower with you (especially if you live with roommates and the shower is the only space you have some peace & quiet to, well, get off), it’s important to make sure you pick a toy that’s completely waterproof, and that you know how to make the experience as enjoyable as possible.

In this blog post, we’ll be giving you our top 3 tips for having the best shower sex (by yourself or with a partner), as well as a list of our favorite waterproof sex toys, from strap-on dildos to clit vibes to butt plugs. Ready to get a little steamy? ;)

3 Tips for Steamy & Satisfying Shower Sex

Shower sex gets a ton of praise, especially in books, shows, & movies – and rightfully so, it can be so much fun – but there are some misconceptions out there that might leave you feeling unsatisfied with your next round of shower sex. Here are our top tips for making the most of your sexy time in the shower, whether you’re enjoying some solo masturbation time or you’re gettin’ down & dirty (well, clean?) with a partner!

1. Use the right type of lube

The MOST important thing when it comes to shower sex is using lube – and using the right kind, at that! In a lot of shows/movies, shower sex is portrayed as this super sexy, smooth, and seamless way to have sex with a partner, but did you know that water actually washes away your body’s own natural lubricant? This can lead to dryness and/or tearing, which is the absolute last thing you want if you’re trying to enjoy time wth a partner under the showerhead! If you want to have penetrative sex in the shower, you better lube up! This will help you and your partner are feeling comfortable & can have as pleasurable of an experience as possible.

When picking out a lube to use in the shower, make sure you pick silicone lube, and NOT water-based lube. Silicone lube is the best kind of lube for shower sex because it holds up well under water, whereas water-based lubes are soluble and will wash off quickly.

HOWEVER: silicone lube cannot be used with silicone sex toys. We know – it sounds kinda counterintuitive, right? This is because silicone lube can actually cause silicone toys to deteriorate over time. So IF you want to use silicone sex toys in the shower, you’ll need to use them without lube, because remember: water-based lubes will simply wash off.


Bottom line: If you want to use sex toys in the shower, stick to stainless steel or glass toys that you can use (silicone) lube with. Or, use silicone sex toys if you’ve got enough natural lubricant to be comfortable. And make sure to use silicone lube if you’re having penetrative sex without toys, too!

If you don’t want to use any lube at all, you can also always stick to some frisky foreplay or spicy oral sex in the shower and leave penetrative sex for afterward, when your body won’t be so naturally dry!

Best silicone lubes for shower sex:

Uberlube | $24.99

Pjur Silicone Lube | $24.99

Sliquid Silver Silicone Lube | $31.99

La Nua Silicone Lubricant | $34.99

2. Get creative with your space

Showers can be prettyyy small, so it’s time for you to get creative with the space you have! You might not be able to get into certain positions that you would with your partner on your bed, or you may not be able to position yourself how you usually like to for masturbation sessions – but that doesn’t mean you don’t have options. Take the opportunity to try out some new positions, angles, perspectives, and think outside of the box! If you have a bathtub, you’ve got some space that one of you could lay down and receive oral sex, or one of you could get on your knees to give the other oral while they stand up. If you have a bench in your shower, sit on your partner’s lap or have them bend over. If you want to masturbate with a dildo, grab a dildo with a suction that you can slap on the wall & back up against. The options are endless if you’re down to adapt, get creative, and switch up your usual positions a little!

3. Use the showerhead and/or faucet for extra fun

Finally, use what the shower gives you to your advantage! If you have a removable shower head (bonus points for the ability to switch to different modes/pressures), use that shower head to please yourself or your partner with a vulva – it’ll feel delicious on their clit. A partner with a penis may also enjoy the pressure tickling along their shaft! No removable shower head? No problem! If you have a vulva, and if you’re able, you can also lie down on your back and scoot yourself up to have the bath faucet stream down onto your clit. If you’re not able to do any of these things in your shower, don’t worry – that’s where sex toys come into the picture.

Best Waterproof Sex Toys to Use in the Shower

Let’s dive into all of our favorite waterproof sex toys that can be used in the shower, whether you’re alone or with a partner. Keep in mind also that there’s a difference between waterproof and splashproof – waterproof toys can be fully submerged or soaked in water without any issues, whereas splashproof toys can withstand a few splashes (hence the name). It’s best to use toys that are fully waterproof so that you can fully enjoy all the sensations, rather than having to try and block the toy from getting too wet.

Best Waterproof Clitoral Vibrators

VeDo Yumi Finger Vibrator | $54.99

The perfect vibe for anybody looking for something that’s easy to hold, easy to control, and that would fit perfectly between bodies during couples play.


Evolved Slim Rechargeable Vibrator | $54.99

This small bullet vibe is great for couples play, as it won’t get in the way but will be plenty pleasurable. Plus, it kills two birds with one stone: it can be used as a bullet vibe on your clit, or as a slim internal vibe!


VeDo Wini Mini Wand | $59.99

All the delicious, rumbly vibrations of a regular wand vibe – except it fits in the palm of your hand!


Best Waterproof Suction Vibrators

Womanizer Liberty Suction Vibrator | $114.99

A classic clitoral suction vibrator that uses Womanizer’s iconic PleasureAir technology! You’ll enjoy uber-satisfying, intense orgasms thanks to the soft air vibrations that gently tug & massage the clit, without coming into direct contact with the sensitive clitoris.

WeVibe Melt Air Pulse Vibrator | $159.99

This air pulse vibrator takes it up a notch with Bluetooth capabilities, meaning your partner can control it from their phone, wherever they are! It’s great for long-distance relationships, or for mutual masturbation sessions with a partner. The Bluetooth app also means you don’t have to fiddle around with buttons if you’re using it on yourself – just tap your phone and switch through the different modes & intensities to find what you’re looking for!


Best Waterproof G-Spot Vibrators

Svakom Amy 2 G-Spot Vibrator | $89.99

This soft, silicone vibrator hits just the right spot – every single time. With a firm neck and a flat head, it’s easy to add pressure to all the right spots, and your G-spot will thank you when you flip through the wide range of intensity levels.


Hot Octopuss Kurve G-Spot Vibrator | $144.99

If you’re looking for a toy that can deliver buzzy and rumbly vibrations, then this G-spot vibe is where it’s at. Most toys make you choose between one or the other (wands often have deeper, rumbly vibrations, while smaller, pinpointed vibes usually have buzzier vibrations) – but with the Hot Octopuss Kurve, you get the best of both worlds. Switch between the high-intensity “treble” and deep, rumbly “bass” modes, or use them at the same time! Using this toy will be an absolutely delicious experience for your G-spot no matter what you’re looking for.

Best Waterproof Dildos

Callisto Glass Dildo | $34.99

If you want to experiment with glass toys, the shower is the perfect place to do is since they’re compatible with silicone lube! The Callisto Glass Dildo is a gorgeous, textured dildo that pairs beautifully with the heat of the shower and delivers gloriously full sensations.

Silicone Double-Ended Dildo | $89.99

If you’re naturally lubricated enough to use silicone toys without lube in the shower, the curved Dorcel Double Do is a fantastic option – especially if you want to experience double penetration on your own OR have fun with mutual penetration with a partner!

Njoy Stainless Steel Fun Wand Dildo | $99.99

Stainless steel is one of our favorite toy materials, as it offers such a satisfyingly-full feel, and can be used with silicone lube. Use this beautiful wand on its own in the shower, combine it with oral stimulation, or flip it over and have fun with the graduated bulbs for anal play!

Best Waterproof Strap-On Dildos & Accessories

Strap On Me Non-Vibrating Wearable Dildo | $79.99

If you’re looking for a non-vibrating, wearable dildo for strap-on fun, this Strap On Me dil is just the toy for you. Made of ultra-soft silicone (remember: don’t use it with silicone lube!), this non-vibrating, strapless strap-on offers dual clit & G-spot stimulation for the ultimate pleasure.

Strap On Me Vibrating Wearable Dildo w/ Remote | $139.99

Now if that all sounds great to you, but you’d rather have a dildo that vibrates, we got you – Strap On Me also has a vibrating version of this dildo! With 3 motors in the tip, end of the shaft, and the bulb that can all vibrate independently, you’ll be overwhelmed by all the mindblowing sensations that come while using this dildo.

Double-Sided Silicone Suction Cup | $12.99

Want to put a dildo up on the wall of your shower so you can take the phrase “go fuck yourself” literally? ;) If your favorite dil doesn’t have a suction cup on the end, don’t worry – you can just snag this double-sided silicone suction cup and stick it on! You’ll be able to suction your dildo to the wall, or even to the floor of the bathtub, and can also mount your favorite two dildos to create a double dildo for some fun couples play.

Spareparts Theo Harness | $149.99

The perfect waterproof harness for strap-on play in the shower!

Best Waterproof Penis Toys

VeDo Hummer Vibe Sleeve 2.0 | $74.99

Penis strokers have become an incredible addition to the sex toy industry, thanks to the way they can easily elevate your penis-stroking game using unique textures, intentional design, and even suction patterns. And now you can take that stroking magic into the shower with you, with the innovative VeDo Hummer Vibrating Sleeve! Enjoy 6 suction levels, 8 suction patterns, and an inner hair-like texture that’ll have your mind totally blown by the end of your solo or partnered session. 

Balldo Set | $87.99

Ever wished you could, well, fuck someone with your balls? Thanks to the Balldo, you can do just that! No more overlooking the balls as a super stimulable & pleasurable sexual organ – penis owners can now tuck their balls into this soft, skin-safe silicone cage, and penetrate a partner with the penis-like conical tip. The sensations for both the wearer & the receiver are absolutely out of this world! Trust us – you’ll never want to go back to normal penile orgasms when you’ve experienced ball orgasms (or “ballgasms”).


Best Waterproof Cock Rings

Svakom Winni Vibrating Cock Ring w/ Remote | $64.99

The Svakom Winni is the perfect vibrating cock ring if you’re looking for ultra-powerful vibrations in a small package! This ring can be used to stimulate a clitoris during intercourse, or you can flip it around to give testicles a delightful massage. It’s great for hands-free play in the shower on your own, or use with a partner for extra pleasure for the both of you!

We-Vibe Bond | $139.99

The We-Vibe Bond is an incredible little device, made with silky-smooth silicone that’s totally waterproof for lots of fun in the shower or tub. This cock ring can be controlled by a Bluetooth app, so you could be in the shower at home having some sexy time alone while your partner controls it from the grocery store – or from the other room! It’s comfortable to wear for long periods of time, which also makes it a great toy for discreet use out in public, or while you’re doing chores around the house and want a little extra fun to keep you on your toes.

Looking for more toys that you can wear & use out in public? Have a little fun in secret with these 15 Discreet Sex Toys for Playing in Public!

Best Waterproof Butt Plugs

Crystal Delights Clear Sparkle Glass Plug | $49.99

This glass plug is the perfect companion to any other toys that deliver stimulation to the clit, G-spot – or it can be used on its own for some fun anal play. Lube it up with your favorite silicone lube and enjoy all the pleasure it has to offer!

Note: while there are silicone butt plugs that are waterproof, we recommend leaning toward glass plugs since it’s incredibly important to use lube with any anal play – especially for beginners. If you’re experienced in anal play and know that you’re naturally lubricated and/or loose enough to use a silicone toy safely & comfortably without lube, then go for it!

That wraps up our guide to the best waterproof sex toys to use in the shower, and our top tips for steamy, enjoyable shower sex! Before you make your way to the shower with your favorite toy(s) in hand, be sure to check out a few of our other recent blog posts below for more tips, toys, and resources that we know you’ll love. Now go have some steamy, sexy fun! ;)

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