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A Penis-Owner's Guide to Strokers, Fleshlights, & Other Toys

A Penis-Owner's Guide to Strokers, Fleshlights, & Other Toys

If you’re a penis-owning person that has lamented the lack of cool sex toys designed for your body parts, look no further, because today we are talking about STROKERS. What are they? Are they the same as a fleshlight? Why are they so awesome?! We’re also highlighting a few of our faves, from some super high-tech vibrating strokers to the Fleshlight Quickshot that’ll never fail to please. Get ready to get hard! ;)

What Even Are Penis Strokers?

Starting with the basics, for any of you loves who aren’t familiar with the term: what are penis strokers?

Strokers are soft, smooth, squishy, & often textured sleeves that slide over and around the penis to envelop the shaft, and are designed to be “stroked” up and down in a typical masturbation type fashion. Think of them as your new best friend. 

Now, uh, why would you spend money on a stroker instead of sticking with the good ol’ hand that’s never let you down?

Here’s why strokers are the bomb.com as far as sex toys for penis owners go:

  • Strokers can vibrate
  • Strokers have different textures that provide different sensations
  • Strokers allow you to stimulate different parts of the penis in different ways
  • Certain strokers can be used to please both you & your partner
  • Strokers are made of different materials that provide different sensations
  • Strokers come in different shapes/sizes that provide unique stimulation that a hand just can’t give, no matter how hard it may try

Strokers come in just about every look, texture, and price you can dream up. There truly is a stroker out there for every penis!

Strokers vs. Fleshlights: Are They The Same Thing?

The term “Fleshlight” has become synonymous with any & every type of penis stroker nowadays, but is actually a masturbation sleeve company that’s been around forever! There’s a reason you’ve heard the term many a time before – the company makes everything from clear sleeves to ultra-realistic vulva or butthole strokers (yes, really). These are quite durable when taken care of correctly and continue to be a crowd-favorite, year after year. 

Our personal fave fleshlight? The Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage. This little buddy will be your new travel bestie! It’s lightweight, compact, and yet still gives you all the good vibes & stimulation that a regular stroker gives you. Open on both ends, this short version of the classic Fleshlight is super nubbly inside and designed to be easy to use & clean. Have a partner use it on you for extra fun as a handjob or blowjob accessory! Plus, it’s only $49.99, which is quite a steal for such a pleasurable, high-quality toy that everybody wants to get their hands (or penises?) on.

Best Penis Strokers for Beginners

For the stroker newbies, the Svakom Hedy or the Tenga Eggs are great options to try out. These come in cute little egg-shaped cases, and are designed with a super soft texture. They are designed to be used a few times (no more than 5, usually) and then disposed of. These are great for travel, or if you’re not sure you like the idea of a stroker and want to try one without a hefty price tag. 

If you opt for the Tenga Eggs (which come in a variety of patterns), simply slip the soft, stretchy sheath out of the egg, drip some of the included lube inside, and slip it over the penis to enjoy the wavy textures & bursts of stimulation! Keep in mind that these ones are single-use, so you’ll dispose of them once you’re finished (literally).

If you go for the Svakom Hedy, you’ll be able to use this double-sided sleeve stroker 5 times before throwing it away! Each color has a corresponding unique design, and is a bit snugger than the Tenga Egg, for firmer stimulation as well as a more accommodating fit to different bodies.

A couple of our other faves include the Torque Fleshlight & the Tenga Spinner. The Torque is just the classic Fleshlight, except a little smaller, and it comes in a clear material & clear case so you (or your partner) can see yourself in action. It’s compact, portable, super snug, textured, and easy to clean, since the sleeve comes fully out of the case!

The Tenga Spinner is one of the coolest toys on the market right now (oops, my nerd is showing). These sleeves have a flexible internal coil that opens and contracts while it’s being stroked up and down – essentially spinning the top of the stroker all around the head of the penis without you trying at all. Yes, please. Plus, it’s a bang for your buck (figuratively & non-figuratively) at only $32.99 – and it’s reusable! Wins all around. 


Best Penis Strokers for Couples

Looking for a stroker you can use with your partner? I’ve got you covered – our faves are the Hot Octopuss Pulse Duo and the Fun Factory Manta Vibrating Stroker.

The Hot Octopuss Pulse Duo is a fascinating and high-tech favorite from a great brand. The Pulse Duo is a different kind of masturbation sleeve, since it’s actually shaped more like a manta ray than any organic human body part. The inner part of the Pulse (where you would put your penis) has a rumbling, vibrating plate (called “PulsePlate Technology” by Hot Octopuss) that deeply stimulates the frenulum (that super sensitive area on the underside of the head of the penis).

This toy has been known to make people orgasm hands-free (lay on your back with the toy nestled on top and enjoy) and even to produce orgasms from a penis that isn’t fully hard. As if this toy needed more reasons to be the goddamn sickest thing in the industry right now, the back of the toy—the part that would be toward the sky if you had it on top of you laying on your back—has a rumbly vibrator inside so that your partner can grind on top of it and experience stimulation, too. Any sensitive body parts can get tingly with vibration, so get up there and ride!

If you’re looking for a bit of a simpler option, you absolutely cannot go wrong with the Fun Factory Manta Vibrating Stroker. This stroker is super fun for solo play OR partner play, with a shape that makes it perfect for fluttering against a clitoris or running along each side of the labia. Play with it by yourself by simply moving it up and down your penis and enjoying the vibrating sensations, or unleash new possibilities with your partner by letting the stroker rest around the base of your penis during penetration – essentially turning your penis into a vibrator! You can even have your partner level up their blow job & hand job game by using this stroker as their sidekick. Hold it along the sensitive frenulum (remember, you know what that term means now!) for extra powerful solo play. 

Need some help telling your partner you want to start incorporating toys into your sex life? Check out our blog post on How to Bring Sex Toys Into Your Relationship!


How to Care for + Clean A Penis Stroker

Strokers are made of soft soft softttttt materials, so they need to be treated with care.

Once you’re done (regardless of if ejactulate is present in the toy or not), use warm water and a disinfecting toy cleaner (like this one!) to rinse and wash the toy. Pat it off a bit, and then let the stroker air dry on a lint-free towel until fully dry. A little bit of toy renewal powder (or cornstarch from the bulk aisle of a grocery store!) sprinkled on once it’s fully dry will keep it from getting tacky in-between uses. 

Store your strokers somewhere safe and contained to avoid dust buildup.


Our Top 3 Tips for Using Strokers

Before you head ;) off for some fun play time with your new toy, here are our top 3 tips for best practice when it comes to having a fun, safe time with strokers!

1. Use lots of lube!

Use lots of water-based lube inside of strokers so they can glide as they are intended to. Don’t use any silicone-based or oil-based lubes – ONLY water-based lubes (like this one!) should be used with strokers.

Learn more about the different types of lubes here!

2. Keep your stroker to yourself

Since strokers are made of soft and usually aren’t fully sanitizable, it’s important that they not be shared with another person unless you’re fluid bonded with said person!

3. Don’t be afraid to test out different strokers

Masturbation is alllll about finding what YOU like! You might buy a stroker with a vibrating function, only to realize you’re not actually that into intense vibrations and would rather do most of the stroking work yourself. Or you might buy a simple, single-use egg stroker (like the Tenga Egg) and realize you’d rather have a reusable, higher-tech toy like the Hot Octopuss Pulse Duo. Don’t be afraid to try out different strokers to figure out what you like/don’t like (as long as your budget allows), and definitely start with cheaper, single-use strokers to keep the risk fairly low in case you don’t like the sensations they provide!

More Of Our Fave Penis Toys

If you’re lovin’ the direction this blog post went in, let’s keep it going! Here are some more of our fave penis toys that aren’t strokers, but that go hand-in-hand (can you tell we love puns?) with strokers as far as the extra fun they can provide to your solo or partnered sexy time.

  • CalExotics Rubber Rings
  • CalExotics Viceroy Max Dual Ring
  • Fleshpump Penis Pump
  • Sportsheet O-Rings

  • And if you’re a vulva owner looking to treat yourself with a new toy, check out the classic Magic Wand vibrator or this guide to Choosing the Right Vibe: The Definitive Guide to Picking a New Toy.

    Go on and jerk off, babes!