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Why You (And Your G-Spot) Need a Stainless Steel Sex Toy

Why You (And Your G-Spot) Need a Stainless Steel Sex Toy

Hey babes, welcome back for another installment of all things toy-related! Today we are talking sex toys made of one of our faveee alternative materials: stainless steel sex toys. *cue angelic music playing in the background*

If you’ve never tried out a stainless steel toy, never even knew they EXISTED, or are just wondering “uhhh, why tf would you put steel in your vagina?” – we’re about to give you all the answers. And be on the lookout for another blog post in a couple weeks all about glass toys, another one of the most pleasurable, non-silicone toy materials!

What Are Stainless Steel Sex Toys?

First off, what in the world are stainless steel sex toys

Stainless steel sex toys are pretty much just that: sex toys made of stainless steel. All the stainless toys we carry here at WinkWink are made up of 100% solid steel, a non-porous material that provides a surprisingly delightful sensation to the g-spot thanks to its heavy weight & smooth texture.


How Are Stainless Steel Sex Toys Different?

Stainless steel is completely different than the most popular sex toy material, silicone, in that it’s heavy and uses the power of gravity, whereas silicone toys are lightweight and great for all sorts of fun movement – thrusting, grinding, you name it. Both are body-safe, non-toxic sex toy materials, so you really can’t go wrong with either – it’s all about what type of sensation + experience you’re personally looking for. 

Silicone toys are:

  • Lightweight
  • Non-porous
  • Body-safe
  • Able to be very soft
  • Incompatible with silicone-based lube
  • One of the cheaper sex toy materials
  • Easier to find in many variations, shapes, sizes, etc.

Stainless steel toys are:

  • Heavy
  • Non-porous
  • Body-safe
  • Hard & solid
  • Compatible with any type of lube
  • Typically more expensive than silicone toys
  • Often harder to find, and are often all somewhat similar

How Do Stainless Steel Sex Toys Feel?

Cold (at first)

Stainless steel captures the ambient air temperature well, so stainless toys are often quite chilly when you first pick them up to play. Don’t be freaked out by that initial freezing feeling – we’ll talk more about how to have fun with temperature play later on in this blog! ;)


Stainless steel is a deliciously heavy material that uses the magical power of gravity to deliver pleasure to its users. Keep in mind that solid steel is weighty, so you won’t be buying a super lightweight toy that’s easy to carry around in a purse – these things can get pretty hefty! But the weight of solid steel is what makes it such an incredible, unique, and honestly kind of shocking (in the best way) material for dildos & other sex toys. 

If you aren’t used to that kind of weight internally, it can be a bit surprising at first, but this extra weight is a perfect way to increase a feeling of fullness – without necessarily having to increase the size of the toy. For butt plugs in particular, extra weight can be extremely sensual. 


Stainless steel toys are the definition of smooth, thanks to their seamless surface that provides a deliciously-effortless glide, without the drag & friction you can sometimes get with silicone toys. Add your favorite lube for some extra slippery fun!

Benefits of Stainless Steel Sex Toys

They’re great for temperature play

One of the top reasons to love stainless steel sex toys? They’re fabulous for purposeful temperature play, thanks to the fact that stainless steel is so temperature-sensitive. Try heating your stainless toy up in hot water if you want it to retain heat for a warm, tingly feeling, or throw it in the freezer for a bit and enjoy the icy coldness!

They’re unbreakable (nearly)

Stainless steel sex toys are hellaaa durable simply because they’re made of solid steel, one of the least malleable materials out there! This means that your toy will be able to withstand a lot of movement, action, and is great for those of you who want some intense, passionate playtime without having to worry about breaking your toy ;)

They’re easy to clean

Stainless steel is also a super easy material to clean. No need to pull out a toy-specific cleaner (unless you want to) – you can simply place your toy in a pot of boiling water and voila! That toy is sanitized.

They don’t lose their quality

Thanks to the non-porous characteristics of stainless steel, stainless toys are incredibly long-lasting and won’t lose their quality after frequent use. Porous toys are more prone to harboring bacteria for long periods of time, thanks to the tiny gaps within the material, and make toys more difficult to sanitize – which is why we always recommend buying non-toxic, non-porous materials like stainless steel that are safer to share among partners.

There’s no drag/friction

Because of how smooooth stainless steel is, there’s really no drag or friction during use like there can be with silicone toys. They move in, out, up, down, & sideways super effortlessly, and can be made even more slippery & fun with some lube!

They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, & textures

Stainless steel sex toys come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and textures, so everybody can truly find a toy they love + that delivers the type of sensation they’re looking for. Maybe you want to start your sexy time off with some delicious g-spot stimulation, and end with some anal fun – check out a toy like the Njoy Fun Wand, which can be used for vaginal fun or can be flipped over for graduated bulb anal play. Win-win ;)

They’re hypoallergenic

Finally, stainless steel is considered hypoallergenic, but please note that it may contain some nickel!

How to Use a Stainless Steel Sex Toy

1. Start slow

The cold, heavy feeling of a stainless steel toy may be shocking at first, if you’re not used to that kind of weight internally – so start slow, and be ready to play around with all the new, exciting sensations that you’re about to experience!

2. Use your favorite lube (any kind!)

Stainless steel toys are smooth & slippery on their own, but it can never hurt to add your favorite lube! You never need to worry about what kind of you lube you’re using with stainless steel toys. They’re good to go with any kind, so use oil, silicone, water-based, or aloe lubes as you please.

Learn more about the different types of lubes here, and find one that tickles your fancy ;)

3. Experiment with temperature

We can’t say it enough – take advantage of the way that stainless steel retains heat & cold! Stick it in the freezer for a little while, run it under hot water, or simply get it warmed up through use during foreplay and enjoy the wide range of fun sensations that different temperatures can provide.

4. Clean it afterward

Simply drop (well, carefully place) your toy into boiling water after use and bam – it’s sanitized! No need to buy any special cleaner to use with your stainless steel sex toys.

Best Stainless Steel Sex Toys

Best stainless steel dildo: Njoy Pure Wand Stainless Steel Dildo

Give your g-spot (or the g-spot of someone you love) the gift of the Njoy Pure Wand. We cannot stress enough that the too-good-to-be-true sounding reviews of this toy online are reflected in our extremely happy customers who buy this work of dildo art. The unique curve and intense weight of this internal wand is able to press and massage the g-spot intensely - if you’re looking to bring more internal pleasure into your play, please do your pu$$y a favor and try the Pure Wand.

Best stainless steel anal dildo: Njoy Stainless Steel Fun Wand Dildo

A bit lighter than the Njoy Pure Wand, the Njoy Fun Wand is a super fun two-in-one: use it for some yummy g-spot stimulation, and simply flip it over to enjoy graduated bulbs for anal play! It’s a great wand for both alone time or play with your partner. 

Best stainless steel butt plug: Njoy Pure Plug

Yes, you can 100% buy butt plugs made of stainless steel, too! This small-headed plug is a wonderful way to delve into stainless steel plugs, made to provide a satisfyingly full feeling while offering a narrow neck. Perfect for secret all-day wear or exciting play with your partner in the bedroom!

We hope you’re feeling excited to try out this alternative sex toy material, and have learned a lot about all the benefits of stainless steel sex toys – because trust us, there are SO many. 

If you’d rather find a silicone dildo or maybe have some external clit fun for now, check out our guides to the best dildos/strap-ons & our favorite vibes!