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10 Creative Ways to Combine Toys for Mindblowing Orgasms

10 Creative Ways to Combine Toys for Mindblowing Orgasms

Why use just one sex toy when you could have fun with multiple at once? ;) For today’s blog post, we brainstormed some creative ways to have extra sexy fun by combining more than one toy to deliver the ultimate pleasure + mindblowing orgasms. Because isn’t that what we all deserve in this wild life?!

We’re combining penis strokers with butt plugs, vibrating cock rings with dildos, and even throwing a prostate vibe in there for some triple stimulation – that’s right, TRIPLE. Most of these combos will serve up delicious dual stim of some sort, all the way from the clit to the anus and even to the balls. This is going to be a fun one – get ready to add a couple of new toys to your cart once you realize all the possibilities that are out there for you to explore!

10 Creative Ways to Combine Multiple Sex Toys

1. Slip a Tenga Egg onto your Magic Wand for a unique texture

You know we love the good-ol’, ever-iconic Magic Wand and everything it has to offer, from the simple speed modes to the deliciously rumbly vibrations that vulva owners have loved for decades. But what would happen if you added a little something onto the head for a totally new, extra fun texture? ;) If you love a textured vibe and prefer a rough wand head over a super smooth material, you’re going to love this one.

Meet: the Tenga Egg, a soft, ultra-stretchy product designed to take the sensations of stroking a penis to a whole new level. Choose from 6 unique textures, ranging from “wavy” to “silky,” slip it over the penis, and stroke away for a super satisfying array of unique sensations & bursts of pleasure. While the Tenga Egg is an absolutely amazing product on its own for penis owners who love a good stroke, you could also slip the sheath over the head of your Magic Wand (or another wand vibe) for a unique set of textures and exciting new sensations against your vulva!

Learn more about the history of the Magic Wand & why it’s such a classic here!

2. Add a vibrating cock ring to your strap-on dildo for pleasure all around

If you and your partner love using strap-ons with each other and are looking for a way to level up your strap-on play, all you need to do is buy a vibrating cock ring & you’ll be golden. Cock rings are such a fun toy to have on hand in general, as they can totally elevate pleasure for both the wearer & their partner (especially during penetration), but adding them to a strap-on dildo is a whole different ballgame! This is a great option for couples who both have vulvas, or if neither of you have a penis, but you enjoy penetration play: simply pull out your favorite harness-compatible dil (such as the Strap On Me Metallic Silicone Dildo), put on your harness, and slip on a vibrating cock ring so that the receiving partner can feel it against their anus or clit when you thrust! One of our personal favorite cock rings is the We-VibePivot, which is made of a super soft, stretch material and is comfortable for penises & dildos of all sizes. 10/10 recommend!

Looking to get into strap-on play? We’ve got a great Strap-On Guide for Beginners with all of our best, sexiest tips & tricks!

3. Use a vibrating stroker while enjoying sensations from a prostate vibe

Penis owners, listen up! Vibrating strokers on their own are an absolutely magical invention, but when combined with a vibrating prostate toy, the experience is OUT of this world. In case you’re new to vibrating strokers, they’re simply strokers that provide mindblowing stimulation to the most sensitive part of the penis through vibrations, rather than manual movement/stroking. The Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo is a great example to look at: it’s a revolutionary stimulator with 5 pre-set vibration modes, 8 speeds, and a unique Pulse Plate technology that delivers stimulation to all the right places. 

Now, picture all the delicious sensations that the vibrating stroker has to offer – and multiply it by 10 by adding a prostate vibe into the picture! Prostate play is incredibly underrated, and is an AMAZING way for penis owners to experience a new kind of deep, intense orgasm. Toys like the Svakom Iker Prostate Vibrator are the perfect way to start incorporating prostate play into your partnered and/or solo sex life, especially when paired with an external penis stroker. The combination of the two totally different sensations will leave you breathless!

And the best part about the Svakom Prostate Vibe? It can ALSO be used for vaginal stimulation – so everybody wins no matter what!


The sex toy market is filled to the brim with all kinds of vibrators for vulva owners (which we love!), but we feel like we rarely see such a wide collection of toys for penis owners! Penis owners deserve JUST as many options as vulva owners when it comes to exploring pleasure with sex toys, so we went ahead and wrote a full Penis Owner’s Guide to Strokers, Fleshlights, & Other Toys with all of our favorite types of penis toys + tips for maximum pleasure.

4. Wear a remote-control panty vibe + butt plug for the ultimate date night

Looking for a fun way to spice up your next date night? Invest in a remote-control panty vibe to let your partner tease you while you’re at dinner (or at the grocery store, or at the baseball game. . .the possibilities are endless), and add in a remote-control butt plug for an extra wild night out! Why choose between clitoral & anal stimulation when you can have the best of both worlds – at the same time? ;)

Our favorite panty vibe is the We-Vibe Moxie, which slides easily into your panties and will have you twitching & squirming in seconds. Let your partner control the vibe via remote or Bluetooth for a fun little power dynamic and to keep you on your toes the whole night, never knowing when the buzzing will start! 

The VeDo Bump Plus is a fantastic vibrating butt plug to wear at the same time, with 10 vibration modes, 6 intensity levels, and a sleek remote control that you can also hand over. Or, make it even and have both you & your partner each wearing one remote control toy – that way, you can both play with each other allll night long!

Love the idea of having some “fun” in public? Check out our 15 Best Discreet Sex Toys for Playing in Public, where we’ve compiled a list of our favorite panty vibes, wearable vibes, and butt plugs that nobody will ever know you’re using! 

5. Use a vibrating stroker over your Tenga Egg for extra bursts of stimulation

If you loved the idea of adding a textured Tenga Egg to a penis and stroking away, and now you’re curious about adding a little something extra, grab a vibrating stroker and play away! Take your solo or partnered play to the next level with the Fun Factory Manta Vibrating Stroker, a vibrating stroker that you can hold against the sensitive frenulum (the underside of the penis where the head meets the shaft), or rest around the base during penetration. Whether you’re having fun on your own or you’re receiving a hand job from a partner, having the textures of the Tenga Egg creating friction against your penis while the stroker is delivering delicious vibrations to your frenulum will have you begging for more!

6. Slip on a vibrating stroker while thrusting with a Balldo

If you’ve never engaged in ball play, you have been missing out, my friend – but no longer! The balls have long been overlooked as a stimulable sexual organ, and the Balldo is a revolutionary toy that totally changes that for penis owners. The Balldo allows users to encapsulate their balls in a soft, skin-safe silicone cage behind a penis-like conical tip, which is perfect for vaginal or anal penetration. It literally allows you to get your testicles inside of a partner and thrust just as if you would with your penis – it’s an insanely cool & innovative invention that we really believe more penis owners should know about! And did you know that you can actually have a ball orgasm thanks to the thousands of nerve endings in your testicles?

While penetrating a partner with the Balldo (which essentially turns into a second penis that never goes soft), you could bring the sensations to an entirely new level by adding a vibrating stroker to your penis. The VeDo Hummer Vibrating Sleeve is a great option, with 6 suction levels and 8 suction patterns that deliver delicious vibrating strokes to stimulate every single nerve ending for immensely amplified pleasure!

7. Use the MANTA stroker on your shaft while your partner teases your balls with the VOLTA

Snag the Fun Factory “Oh Yeah, Right There” Kit, which comes with Fun Factory’s two bestselling toys, MANTA and VOLTA, and enjoy teasing stimulation everywhere. The MANTA is perfect for gliding along the shaft of a penis, while the VOLTA can be held against the balls simultaneously (either by the user or a partner) for delicious, all-over pleasure. And bonus points – the fluttering wings of the VOLTA are also perfect for soft, gentle clit stimulation!

8. Enjoy a little dual-stimulation temperature play with a glass dildo + glass butt plug

Ever heard of glass sex toys? Well, you have now – and you’re about to have fun adding some new toys to your collection. If you’re a fan of firm toys, interesting textures, temperature play, and plenty of delicious weight, you’re going to be obsessed with glass toys and everything they have to offer. 

Whereas silicone sex toys are lightweight, soft, and often bendable, glass toys are heavy, hard, and solid. One of the main draws of glass sex toys, besides the fact that there’s no drag or friction whatsoever, is that they’re super fun for temperature play. The borosilicate glass that these toys are made of is excellent at sustaining extreme temperatures, so you can submerge your toy in a bowl of hot or cold water to experiment with the unique sensations that different temperatures bring!

To take it up a notch, combine a glass dildo, like the Callisto Plug, with a glass butt plug, like the Crystal Delights Sparkle Plug, and experience the ultimate temperature play pleasure. Whether you heat them both up with hot water, cool ‘em down with cold water, or mix & match and do one of each, the dual penetration combined with the sensations from the temperatures will be absolutely mindblowing! 

Intrigued by all the benefits that glass sex toys have to offer? Be sure to check out our guide to guide to stainless steel sex toys, too, as they provide the same satisfying weight & smooth surfaces as glass toys!

9. Enjoy mindblowing triple stimulation with a dual-stim vibe + a butt plug

You may have heard of dual-stimulation toys with two arms for simultaneous clitoral & g-spot stimulation, but what if you want to add a third sensation in there? Why choose? 

Grab your favorite dual stim toy (such as the We-Vibe Nova or the Le Wand XO) and pair it with a vibrating butt plug (such as the VeDo Bump) for the best of all three worlds. Triple the stimulation = triple the fun!

10. Grind on a vibe pad while driving your partner crazy with the Good Head Helper

This last one is for those of you who love getting off by grinding, AND love getting your partner off with a good blowjob: grab a grinding vibrator pad like this one & grind away while you simultaneously give your partner the best BJ of their life using the Good Head Helper! Both of you will experience all sorts of yummy sensations at the same time, your partner enjoying the powerful sensations of the Good Head Helper paired with the flicks of a tongue, while you ride the humps of the VibePad like your life depends on it. 

We hope these 10 toy combos sparked some new ideas to help spice up the bedroom, either during solo and/or partnered sex – because you deserve all the pleasure you crave, and as many toys as you want to get you there. Have fun!


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