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2023 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: Date Night Edition

2023 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: Date Night Edition

Valentine’s Day is QUICKLY approaching – we’re always shocked at how fast it comes around every year. If you’re anything like us, you might’ve completely forgotten to get a gift for your S.O., and are now scrambling to find something at the last minute. 

Lucky for you, we’ve compiled three different gift guides just for you, depending on what kind of gift you’re looking for: romantic, toy-related, or kinda kinky ;) We’d love to see you in the shop and will be so happy to help you find the perfect gift(s) for your boo!

If you’ve never been to a sex shop and might be a little nervous to visit WinkWink in-person to g grab your last-minute gifts, don’t be – here’s a blog post we put together for you, all about Visiting a Sex Shop for the First Time & What to Expect!

Stick around if you’re on the hunt for more of a lovey-dovey gift for your partner, or if you’re looking for items to help you put together a romantic, last-minute date night for Valentine’s Day. 

If you’re looking to gift your partner a toy that they’d enjoy (or that you’d enjoy together), head over to our Toy Gift Guide

And if you’re looking to spice up your sex life a little with kink-related gifts, you’ll find those in our Kinky Gift Guide.

Wishing you a romantic Valentine’s Day, loves!

Valentine’s Day Date Night Must-Haves

Let’s just dive right in to all of our V-Day date night must-haves. Feel free to look at only the items that match the date night vibe you’re going for and leave the rest – or explore ‘em all with an open mind!


For some date night guidance: The Pleasure Oracle

Want a little guidance at the beginning of your date night? Pull a card (or multiple!) together from the Pleasure Oracle deck, a beautifully-designed set of cards that can provide an answer, insight, call-to-action, or all of the above for your love & sex life. You’ll ignite pleasure & new excitement with your partner and might get that little push you need to deepen your connection!


For those who need a little (sexy) spark: Spark Romance Matches

Need to bring a spark back in to the romantic part of your relationship? Pick a “match” from this Spark Romance box and do whatever it says in order to enhance & deepen your connection with your partner. Do this together on your date night, or do it ahead of time and use the matches you pick to plan your date night activities!


For puzzle enthusiasts: Penis Puzzle

If you want to keep your date night fairly lowkey & casual, get this 1000-piece Penis Puzzle that’ll have you creating your very own map of members together. Do it while you watch a movie, while you wait for your dinner to be ready, or while you stay up late having a great conversation!


For a fun night of baking: Pecker Cake Pan

If you love to bake together or you WANT to have fun baking together, then this Pecker Cake Pan is exactly what you need! Build your dream pecker with this cake pan while you jam to your favorite music in the kitchen – bonus points if one of you has a penis and you attempt to replicate it in a fully-edible fashion ;)

For a little guided sexual exploration: Sex Talk Conversation Deck

If your goal for this Valentine’s Day is to enhance your communication in the bedroom, this Sex Talk Conversation Deck will be a gift for both of you! The 69 questions in this deck each build off of each other, helping you focus on understanding who you are as sexual beings, expressing your desires & fantasies, and even building some sexual tension toward the end. This deck is guaranteed to get you talking about alllll things sexy & sensual, and will help you feel more comfortable doing so!


For heart-shaped-candy lovers: X-Rated Valentine’s Day Heart Candy

Looking for an adult alternative to the traditional heart-shaped V-Day candies you got as a kid? Check out these X-Rated Valentine’s Heart Candies, each with a naughty message written on the heart ;)


For chocolate lovers: Chocolate Vulva

Prefer a delicious chocolate snack over the sugar-filled heart-shaped candies? Grab a delicious chocolate vulva in one of three different flavors: peppermint, caramelized, or divine dark chocolate!


For a sexy little secret while you’re out: We-Vibe Moxie Panty Vibrator

Now if you’ll be going out for a Valentine’s Day dinner, a romantic walk in the park, or anywhere out in public, but want to add a little spice, get yourself a panty vibrator. This Moxie Panty Vibrator allows you to take your fun on the go, with a magnetic clip that attaches the vibe to your panties, and a remote control as well as bluetooth capabilities for your partner to use. Enjoy deep & powerful vibrations and the sexy little secret that only you and your partner know about while you’re out ;)

For more hands-free sex toys like this Moxie vibe, check out our gudie to the Best Hands-Free Sex Toys for O’s Without the Effort!


For the kids at heart: C**t Coloring Book

If you loved coloring as a kid, then we bet you still love coloring as an adult – and we’ve got just the adult coloring book for you! The C**t Coloring Book has over three dozen c**ts of every size & description for you to color, and it was actually originally used for a sex-education class. Combine this coloring book with the Penis Puzzle for a fun, lowkey Valentine’s Day date night at home!



For a sensual date night massage: Sensual Massage for BeginnersSeagrape Massage Candles, Sutil Love Potion Massage Oil

And finally, if you want to give your partner a romantic, sensual massage for your V-Day date night (or want them to give you one), you won’t want to go into the massage without a little ambiance. Set the mood with the delicious scents of our favorite Seagrape Massage Candles, sweeten up your massage with one of two erotic blends of the Sutil Love Potion Massage Oil, and you can even learn how to actually give the best massage beforehand using the Sensual Massage for Beginners book. There’s more intimate than a full-body massage with lots of delicious, sensual touch, breath, and romance in the air!

We hope this Date Night Gift Guide has helped you find some great gifts to either give your partner this Valentine’s Day, or to help you put together a super romantic, intimate date night for the both of you. Be sure to check out our Kinky Gift Guide & Toy Gift Guide if you’re on the hunt for more ideas + fun ways to add a little sexiness into your date night!